Joann Ayoub

Volunteer at Swim England's National Winter Championships

Joan at the swimming pool

2nd Year Sport Management Student, Joann Ayoub, was one of two Loughborough students volunteering at Swim England's National Winter Championships. The National Winter Championships is the biggest English swimming meet of the winter months, with Britain’s top senior swimmers often involved.

Held at Ponds Forge Sheffield, 5-8th December 2019, the event offered a Christmas feast of fast swimming with the ASA’s historic and prestigious swimming trophies handed out to event winners. Two Loughborough Students were recruited for roles on the Field of play Team assisting the Field of Play Manager to ensure all activities and movement that happens on deck follows procedures and runs smoothly.

What was your role at the Winter Championships, and what did you do within your role at the event?

At the Winter Championships I was a Field of Play Team Member. My role consisted in assisting the Field of Play Manager by directing the Kit carriers on the first day, guiding the swimmers from the call room to their competition on the second and third day and on the last day, I was in charge of preparing the medals for the ceremony.

What was your experience like volunteering whilst at the Swim England Winter Championships?

I had a great experience volunteering at the Swim England Winter Championships. The whole process was very well organised. The accommodation was provided for all volunteers, the hotel was situated close to the venue, every day we were told at what time we had to meet for the next shift and we were given a lot of assistance in our role.

How has being involved with this event helped you develop and progress (personally and professionally)?

During the four-day event, I was able to meet new people with a lot of experience allowing me to expand my network. Also, not having a lot of familiarity when it comes to aquatics events, I got the chance to discover many different aspects of how this sport takes place during competition.

What motivated you to take up this opportunity?

I decided to take part in the event because as a Sport Management student I am interested in getting more knowledge about every aspect of a sporting event. And so, this was a great opportunity for me to get to learn more about how the event takes place behind the scenes.

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