Performance Athletics

Having won 75 of the last 80 BUCS Track and Field Championships, Loughborough Students’ Athletics Club (LSAC) is by far the most decorated British student athletics club in history.

Ambitions of many student-athletes, however, are much higher and international stars such as Lord Sebastian Coe, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, David Moorcroft, Paula Radcliffe, Steve Backley, Dan Greaves, Lisa Dobriskey and Emily Diamond are just a handful of notable alumni.

Loughborough Athletics Performance Programme

Elite athletes at Loughborough will be supported to achieve success at the highest level possible within the sport. The level of support provided will depend on athlete performance, with athletes fitting into three main tiers: Scholar, First Team 1 and First Team 2. 

As well as benefiting from access to elite facility training hours, performance squad members receive thousands of pounds worth of support, including support and guidance in the following areas:

  • Coaching
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics

Members of the Performance squad will also receive financial benefits including free Powerbase gym membership and AU Club membership (Scholars only), reduced Powerbase costs (First Team 1 only) and reduced meal costs at the Elite Athlete Centre (all members of the Performance squad)

Selection Criteria

There are three tiers of support on the Performance Programme: Scholar, First Team 1 and First Team 2. Further information regarding Scholarships can be found here

Athletes are invited to be members of First Team 1 and First Team 2 based on their recent performances and a set criteria. First Team 1 standards are generally those within the 'medal zone' at BUCS Championships. First Team 2 standards are generally those where the athlete would be a strong finalist in a BUCS Championships. Performances must have been achieved after 1st January of the previous year, e.g. for the 2020/2021 academic year, performances must have been achieved after 1st January 2019.  

The athletics coaching and performance team will meet as a panel before the start of a new academic year to agree upon the athletes who will be invited. In exceptional circumstances, coaches may nominate athletes who do not have a performance equal to or better than the criteria, but there must be a strong argument for the inclusion of this athlete, and it must be agreed on by the entire panel. 

  Men   Women  
First Team 2 First Team 1   First Team 2 First Team 1  
100m 10.87 10.56   12.25 12.03 100m
200m 21.73 21.56   25.12 24.72 200m
400m 48.60 48.25   56.77 55.69 400m
800m 1:52.68 1:49.70   2:11.96 2:10.52 800m
1500m 3:51.98 3:48.48   4:33.73 4:29.29 1500m
3000m 8:30.28 8:23.47   9:51.21 9:44.78 3000m
5000m 14:35.37 14:23.58   17:00.83 16:49.42 5000m
10000m 31:13.37 30:33.63   37:20.54 36:54.83 10000m
Sprint Hurdles 15.04 14.65   14.57 14.25 Sprint Hurdles
400mH 53.85 52.74   62.47 61.62 400mH
3k s/chase 9:18.05 9:16.30   11:10.67 10:46.26 3k s/chase
2k s/chase 5:59.95 5:58.51   7:04.90 6:51.56 2k s/chase
Long Jump 7.05m 7.34m   5.71m 6.03m Long Jump
Triple Jump 14.78m 15.31m   12.08m 12.55m Triple Jump
High Jump 2.03m 2.12m   1.70m 1.77m High Jump
Pole Vault 4.78m 5.11m   3.77m 3.92m Pole Vault
Shot 15.26m 17.09m   13.39m 14.10m Shot
Hammer 56.42m 61.82m   52.83m 58.43m Hammer
Discus 47.66m 52.11m   44.71m 46.62m Discus
Javelin 61.70m 67.49m   46.23m 49.19m Javelin
Multis 6107 pts 7034 pts   4894 pts 5078 pts Multis