Loughborough European Athletics Permit

LEAP returns to the Paula Radcliffe Stadium on 29th July 2023!


The competition will include the following events:

Track Events:
100m, 200m, 400m, Sprint Hurdles & 400m Hurdles for men and women. 

Field Events:
Women's javelin, men's & women's long jump, women's pole vault, men's discus, women's high jump and women's hammer.

Guest events: Men's javelin, women's discus, men's hammer, men's pole vault

Athlete support accreditation will allow indoor warm up access and can be applied for here: https://forms.office.com/e/mLJfPG49U6


        13:00 Men's and Women's  Javelin
13:15 Women 100m Series 1 A        
13:22 Women 100m Series 1 B   13:15 Men's and Women's  Long Jump
        13:30 Men's and Women's  Pole Vault
13:30 Men 100m Series 1 A        
13:37 Men 100m Series 1 B        
14:15 Women 400m Hurdles A        
14:25 Men 400m Hurdles A        
14:40 Women 100m Series 2 A        
14:47 Women 100m Series 2 B        
        15:00 Men's and Women's  Discus
15:00 Men 100m Series 2 A        
15:07 Men 100m Series 2 B        
15:20 Women 100m Hurdles Series 1 A        
15:27 Women 100m Hurdles Series 1 B        
15:40 Men U20 110m Hurdles Series 1        
      F5 16:00 Women High Jump
15:50 Men 110m Hurdles Series 1 A        
16:00 Women 400m Race A        
16:07 Women 400m Race B        
16:14 Men 400m Race A        
16:21 Men 400m Race B        
16:28 Men 400m Race C        
16:35 Women 200m Race A        
16:42 Women 200m Race B F6 17:00 Men and Women's  Hammer
16:49 Men 200m Race A        
16:56 Men 200m Race B        
17:10 Women 100m Hurdles Series 2 A        
17:17 Women 100m Hurdles Series 2 B        
17:25 Men U20 110m Hurdles Series 2        
17:33 Men 110m Hurdles Series 2 A        

Prize Money

‌Podium prize money offered in events with a minimum of 5 competitors.

  • 1st – 75 euros
  • 2nd – 50 euros
  • 3rd – 25 euros

Best performances of the day (based on points table). Prizes for top 4 men and women:

  • 1st – 250 euros
  • 2nd – 200 euros
  • 3rd – 150 euros
  • 4th – 100 euros

As a World Athletics Continental Tour meeting, performances in the fastest heats of the day, or field events with prize money linked to them will receive a D ranking for World Athletics ranking purposes. Any guest field events (men's javelin, women's discus, men's hammer, men's pole vault) or any events with less than 5 competitiors will not receive the higher WA ranking. 

Guest places

For enquiries regarding guest places, please contact: 

  • Dave Turner - d.turner@lboro.ac.uk (throws)
  • Lukasz Zawila - l.zawila@lboro.ac.uk (jumps)
  • Nick Dakin - N.Dakin@lboro.ac.uk (sprints)

Once you have entered and paid on Roster (having been offfered a guest place), we cannot offer a refund.