HiPAC Guidelines

Loughborough Sport information for our Athletes and Coaches using HiPAC

British Athletics and Loughborough University are working closely together to further develop a facility that is innovative, welcoming and inspirational. This guide aims to help you work out how to access the world leading facilities.

Everyone must have a membership card to access the Athletics Centre – this includes the Seb Coe High Performance Athletics Centre, Paula Radcliffe Athletics Track and Steve Backley National Throws Centre.   

You will not be allowed entry without a membership. 

Information for Athletes

I am a current student member of Loughborough Students' Athletics Club

Access to the Athletics centre is via your LSAC club membership. 

I am an alumnus, training partner of a BA WCP or LSAC athlete, or coached by an LSAC coach

Accces to the Athletics Centre is via an AU Athletics Club Alumni membership or a Discounted Community Membership. These can be purchased by alumni, LSAC/BA WCP training partners, or athletes coached by an LSAC coach. 

Everyone must have a Lboro Sport Account to purchase a facility membership. If you do not already have one, this can be set up here

HIPAC memberships can be purchased on the Lboro Sport App. 

I am a BA accredited athlete

Access to the Athletics Centre is included in your membership of the World Class Performance Plan. Training times are currently limited to 9am - 1pm from Monday - Friday and 8.30am - 10.30am on Saturdays. 

Training partners for BA athletes will be required to purchase a membership – please see the alumnus section.

Information for Coaches and Practitioners

If you are not sure which category you fall into, or you coach athletes in more than one category please speak to the Director of Athletics.  Decisions will be based on the status of the majority of athletes that you coach, plus commitment to the code of conduct for the Athletics Centre.  

Sports Science & Medicine practitioners are defined by the LU Director of Athletics or BA Performance Director.  Roles include S&C coach, physiotherapist, soft tissue or massage therapist, performance lifestyle advisor, nutritionist, biomechanist, performance analyst and exercise physiologist. 

The Athlete guide to facility use at Loughborough details athlete membership options and charges. 

I am a coach (Voluntary or Paid) working with LSAC athletes

  1. You will need to provided the Athletics Performance Manager with your coaching licence - Click Here
  2. You will need to sign the Athletics Centre code of conduct. 

You should only access the athletics facility when an athlete you are coaching is present.

Coaches are NOT permitted to charge LSAC students. 

I am a Performance Sport practitioner working with LSAC athletes

  1. You will need to sign the Athletics Centre code of conduct.

Access to the Athletics Centre is via your LSAC coaching or practitioner membership.

Performance support practioners are NOT permitted to charge LSAC students

I am a BA coach or SSSM practitioner working with BA accredited athletes

  1. You will need to sign the Athletics Centre code of conduct.