Competition Entries

Loughborough University Athletics club hosts open meetings as well as the Loughborough International Athletics match and the Loughborough European Athletics Promotion (LEAP) meeting.

Loughborough Track Open - Sunday 25th April 2021

Loughborough Track Open 

 Saturday 25th April 2021 

Entries for the 25th April are now closed.

25th April – LSAC Sprints, Hurdles and Endurance

Draft Timetable


                                           100m Round 1

12.30pm                           Men’s 100m Race 1

12.34pm                           Men’s 100m Race 2

12.38pm                           Men’s 100m Race 3

12.42pm                           Women’s 100m Race 1

12.46pm                           Women’s 100m Race 2

12.50pm                           Women’s 100m Race 3

1.05pm                             Women’s 400H Race 1

1.10pm                             Women’s 400H Race 2

1.20pm                             Men’s 400H

1.30pm                             Men’s 800m Race 1

1.35pm                             Men’s 800m Race 2

1.40pm                             Women’s 800m

1.50pm                             Men’s 400m Race 1

1.55pm                             Men’s 400m Race 2

2pm                                   Men’s 400m Race 3

2.05pm                             Women’s 400m Race 1

2.10pm                             Women’s 400m Race 2

                                           100m Round 2

2.20pm                             Men’s 100m Race 1

2.24pm                             Men’s 100m Race 2

2.28pm                             Men’s 100m Race 3

2.32pm                             Women’s 100m Race 1

2.36pm                             Women’s 100m Race 2

2.40pm                             Women’s 100m Race 3

2.55pm                             Men’s 3000m Race 1

3.05pm                             Men’s 3000m Race 2

3.20pm                             Women’s 3000m

3.35pm                             Women’s 100mH

3.45pm                             Men’s 110mH

3.55pm                             Men’s 200m Race 1

4pm                                  Men’s 200m Race 2

4.05pm                             Men’s 200m Race 3

4.10pm                             Women’s 200m Race 1

4.15pm                             Women’s 200m Race 2

4.20pm                             Women’s 200m Race 3

4.35pm                             Men’s 1500m

4.43pm                             Mixed 1500m

5pm                                   4 x 400m Relays



Loughborough Open - Wednesday 12th May 2021

Loughborough Open Meet

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Please email Emma Wiltshire at to enter

All Field event are now FULL




Sprint Hurdles Round 1 (inc 3 event challenge)

4.30pm               Women’s 100mH

4.50pm               Men’s U20 110mH

4.55pm               Men’s 110mH

5.15pm               Women’s 400H

5.25pm               Men’s 400H

5.35pm               Women’s 800m

5.40pm               Men’s 800m

5.50pm               Women’s 400m

6.00pm               Men’s 400m

6.20pm               Women’s 100m

6.32pm               Men’s 100m

7.00pm               Women’s 3000m

7.15pm               Men’s 3000m


Sprint Hurdles Round 2

7.30pm               Women’s 100mH

7.45pm               Men’s/U20 110mH

7.55pm               Women’s 200m

8.10pm               Men’s 200m

8.40pm               Women’s 1500m

8.48pm               Men’s 1500m



3pm                     Pole Vault (M&W)

4pm                     High Jump (W)

4.30pm               Hammer (Women)

5.35pm               High Jump (M&W 3 event challenge)

6pm                     Hammer (Men)

6pm                     Long Jump (Women)

7.20pm               Long Jump (Men)

7.25pm               Javelin (M&W inc. 3 event challenge)

7.30pm               High Jump (M)





Loughborough Field Events Open - Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Loughborough Field Events Open

Wednesday 2nd June

Entries close 31st May or earlier if an event is full

Email Emma at for an entry link

Pole Vault, Discus and Triple Jump now FULL 


Draft Timetable

4pm – Pole Vault Pool A

4pm – High Jump (W)

5.30pm – Discus

6pm – High Jump (M)

6pm – Pole Vault Pool B

7.30pm – Shot

7.30pm – Triple Jump



Loughborough June Open 2021 - Wednesday 23rd June

Loughborough June Open

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Entries close Monday 21st June or earlier if an event is full

We are now FULL in all field events. Feel free to email to place yourself on a waiting list

Please email Emma Wiltshire for a track event entry link:

BMC race entries have now closed



4.45pm              Men’s 400H

5pm                   Women’s 400H

5.15pm              Men’s Open 800m

5.25pm              Women’s Open 800m

5.35pm              Men’s 400m

5.45pm              Women’s 400m

6pm                   Men’s 100m

6.15pm              Women’s 100m

6.40pm              Mixed 3000m

7pm                   Men’s 110mH

7.10pm              Men’s U20 110mH

7.20pm              Men’s U17 100mH

7.30pm              Women’s 100mH

7.45pm              Men’s 800m BMC

7.55pm              Women’s 800m BMC               

8.10pm              Men’s 200m

8.25pm              Women’s 200m

8.40pm              Women’s Open 1500m

8.48pm              Men’s Open 1500m

8.55pm              Women’s BMC 1500m

9.05pm              Men’s BMC 1500m


4.30pm              Hammer

4.30pm              Long Jump

5pm                   Pole Vault Pool A

6pm                   Javelin

6.30pm              Triple Jump 

7pm                   Pole Vault Pool B

7.15pm              Discus

7.50pm              High Jump

8.15pm              Shot

LEAP - POSTPONED until 2022

Unfortunately we have had to postpone LEAP 2021 due to ongoing travel restrictions. LEAP will return in 2022