Student offers

Gym offers

Academic Year 2020/21 - membership valid from September to August inclusive; only pay from October to the end of June!

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Standard price from 19 Oct onwards 
ACADEMIC YEAR 'EARLY BIRD' £219 Price available before 19 Oct 31/08/2021
ACADEMIC YEAR 'WELCOME BACK' £159 Automatically available for all returning 2019/20 members; click HERE for more details  31/08/2021

Other Student Offers

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Available all year round; 12 months for price of 11
SHORT TERM - 3 MONTHS £90 Available to all students, £30 pm although min. 3 months must be purchased initially; 1 month available if residing in Loughborough for <3 months


If you are unsure of which membership to purchase please contact us at to discuss which offer would best suit your needs.

Please note that all Performance Programme members need to purchase their membership at the standard student rates above; your coach will validate your eligability to recieve Elite hours access at Powerbase as well as dual access to both Powerbase and Holywell Fitness Centre.

Swim Offers

We will soon be announcing our new Swimming Pool Membership offer for the 2020/21 Academic Year.

All memberships purchased in the 2019/20 Academic Year, prior to lockdown, will be automatically extended once the Pool reopens for the period of time we were closed. For students this extension will begin when term starts on 5 October. If you'd like more information on this extension offer please contact us at

Our Swimming Pool will not be open for public swims, including for members, on 25 July but we are aiming to reopen as soon as possible. We will provide updates as soon as we can but we currently anticipate being fully operational by the beginning of Autumn, with Monday 17 August the earliest we could possibly open.

Visiting friends and family

We welcome friends and family of our students to use Holywell gym, the swimming pool or attend fitness classes during their stay in Loughborough. Short term memberships can be purchased for the duration of stay or payment can be made per visit.

Visiting students from a participating University of the BUCS UNIversal gym membership scheme, can access Holywell Gym for FREE! Have a look to see if your friends University are participating in the scheme.