Student offers

All academic year memberships are valid until 31st August 2024. The membership fee is calculated over 8 months and therefore vacation periods are given for free.

Student 1 month memberships will be available to purchase online during vacation periods.

New pay as you go price category for Purple, Bronze, Silver and Gold members

10% discount for Purple members

20% discount for Bronze members

30% discount for Silver members

40% discount for Gold members

Visiting friends and family

We welcome friends and family of our students to use Holywell gym, the swimming pool or attend fitness classes during their stay in Loughborough and payment can be made on a pay as you go basis.

Visiting students from a participating University of the BUCS UNIversal gym membership scheme, can access Holywell Gym for FREE during vacation times! Have a look to see if their university participates in the scheme. Please note that all universities have the right to pull out of the scheme at any time and we have no say over another institute's rules and participation in the scheme.