Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions with regards to setting up your Loughborough Sport account, purchasing / cancelling memberships, booking activities and using our gyms.

Using the Lboro Sport app

I can not reset my password I do not recieve the password reset email

If you do not recieve an email within 5 minutes of submitting the password request form, the following may apply;

Your email address is not registered on our system, this will happen if;

  • We have not recieved confirmation of your enrolement from the University
  • You have previously changed your email address to the email address you are trying to re-set your password with
  • You did a different course at the University previously, as your original student email address will remain on our system
Contact us to amend your account

I have recieved the password re-set email but the link does not work

The link within the email will only be valid for 15 minutes to re-set your password. If you do not complete this process within this time frame you will need to request to re-set your password again.

I have multiple accounts and can not re-set my password

If you are receiving this error you will need to input your Member ID. This happens when your email address if linked to multiple accounts such as;

  • Your's childs Lboro Sport account
  • You have a duplicate account created in error
Contact us for your Member ID

The system won't except my new password

After selecting the link in the password email, if the system doesn't except your new password it will be because of the following;

Your link in your email has expired

  • From requesting to re-set your password, the link will only be valid for 15 minutes.

Your New Password and the Confirm Password field's do not match

  • A green tick will display after the Confirm Password when they do match

Your new password does not contain;

  • At least eight characters in length
  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one lower case letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character 
  • A green tick will display for all required characters

If you have not recieved an email to confirm that your password has been re-set, your attempt has been unsuccessful.

  • Please try and re-set your password again.

If your password is not excepted when logging in, this will happen when your password does not match the systems database. 

  • Please note that Lboro Sport can not re-set your password for you, nor can we see your password to provide you with this information.
Request to re-set your password


How do I join Powerbase?

You can join at Powerbase reception, however, we strongly encourage everyone to purchase their membership online or via the Loughborough Sport App. If you are yet to download the app, please do, as all activities, including gym and pool sessions, are only bookable through the app.

Those who can access Powerbase are:

  • current Loughborough University students
  • current Loughborough College students
  • alumni of Loughborough University
  • current Loughborough University staff
  • part of Loughborough University tenant organisations
  • part of Loughborough University sports partner organisations

Unfortunately if you do not qualify through one of these groups, it is not possible to join Powerbase, but you can join Holywell Fitness Centre which is open to everyone in the community.

Click here to join

I have bought an academic year or annual membership, can I get a refund?


If you can no longer use the gym, refunds will only be granted for medical conditions supported by a doctor’s letter or a leave of absence form from the University.

Do I have to pay for fitness classes as a member?

Complete access to our wide ranging fitness class programme is included with your Powerbase membership. Members can sign up to classes in our studios at both the Sir David Wallace sports hall and Holywell Fitness Centre. You will need to book classes in advance to secure your place on all sessions.

Click here for more info on classes

Do I have to pay to use the pool as a member?

No, your Powerbase membership allows you to access Loughborough University Swimming Pool during public swim sessions.

Click here pool timetables

What are elite training times?

Powerbase is a recognised Elite Training Centre, home to many of the country's leading athletes including current and future Olympians and Paralympians. This means you get access to the same world-class gym used by these athletes, however, to facilitate their training, other members cannot access from 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-15:30 Monday to Friday.