BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership

Membership to the UNIversal scheme for the Academic Year 2021-22 is still to be announced by BUCS - If this scheme is to continue, Membership Cards will not be available until November ready for the first vacation period at Christmas.

Loughborough University have partnered with British Universities & Colleges (BUCS) to join the UNIversal Gym membership scheme.

The scheme allows Loughborough students and staff members who have a valid annual or academic year gym membership to access fitness facilities at another participating University, free of charge! There are currently over 90 institutes enrolled onto the scheme, providing our students a place to continue their training regime during vacation periods or whilst visiting friends.

UNIversal gym card holders from other institutes are also welcome to use our fitness facilities.

Loughborough University Students and Staff members

  • All Loughborough University student and staff members who have purchased a full annual or academic year membership are eligible to for a UNIversal gym membership card
  • Please email Loughboroughsport@lboro.ac.uk to request your BUCS Universal card 
  • Visit the BUCS website to view other participating Universities in the scheme. Please note that all Universities have the right to pull out of the scheme at any time.
  • Visit your chosen Universities gym's website to view their terms and conditions of use - We do not have any control over another institutes rules for the scheme
  • Present your UNIversal gym membership card along with your Loughborough University Student or staff card when attending another University. If you do not have both the institute will not allow access to use their facilities

Visitors from another institution

  • UNIversal gym card holders from another University may use Holywell Fitness Suite in vacation time only from 19 July 2021. Access to any other sports facility on campus will be charged at the student rate
  • Please note, UNIversal Gym Cards from Nottingham University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Derby, University of Leicester and De Montfort University may not be used. This is due to the close proximity of these institutions and potential capacity issues.
  • A valid University student or staff card is required to be presented with the Universal gym card. We will not allow entry without both cards present.
  • All visitors must complete register and declare that they agree to the terms and conditions of using our sports facilities, our privacy policy and the Health commitment statement
  • Booking in advance is mandatory via the Lboro Sport app