How to Join

Register for a Loughborough Sport account today to start using our world leading facilities. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you're a student, member of staff, University partner or just part of the wider community.

We strongly encourage everyone to purchase their membership online or via the Loughborough Sport app.  If you are yet to download the app, please do, as all activities, including gym and pool sessions, are only bookable through the app.

All Loughborough University students and staff have accounts created when they join, which is registered to their email address and ready to be activated.  However, if at any point you change the email address your Loughborough Sport account is registered to, this is the address required when re-accessing it.

To activate, click the link below, select Register, input your email address and select a password which is NOT the same as your main University login.  There will then be a 2-step verification process: first select the link sent to your email address, and once you're in your account, confirm your registration by inputting your new Member ID plus either your date of birth or phone number.  These will have been emailed to you when your account was first created, but please contact us at if you need any support.  If the verification details (date of birth and phone number) sent do not match your actual details, these can be updated once you've confirmed your registration.

Affiliates of Loughborough University (click HERE for eligible categories) and members of the wider community wishing to join us, will need to sign up for a Loughborough Sport account.  To access our full offer click the button below and follow the joining journey.  Please note, if you only want to access our services on a pay as you go basis, select the free PAYG agreement.  Silver, Bronze, and Purple Memberships are available to everyone, however, to upgrade to Gold you'll need to upload proof you qualify as a Loughborough College student, alumni of the university, family of staff, or a Loughborough Sport partner.  Please find more info HERE on the validation process.

Once you have successfully signed up for an account, you can begin enjoying our world-class facilities as well as a whole host of other benefits Loughborough Sport Members receive.

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Loughborough Sport app

The easy way to play, book and get involved

Quick and easy access to book your favourite fitness classes, activities and gym sessions. Keep up with the latest news and events, check out our timetables and view our special offers.

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How to join and purchase a membership:

Step 1 - Download the Loughborough Sport app to get started

If you have a Loughborough Sport account, you can use the Loughborough Sport app.

All Loughborough University students and staff will have a Loughborough Sport account ready to be activated. Please do not attempt to use your University password to login, this will not work. Follow the login instructions outlined below.

Loughborough University partners (incl. Loughborough College students) and members of the wider community will need to register for a Loughborough Sport account.

To log into the app: (You must activate your account prior to logging in)

  • Select the Account tile on the homescreen and click Login
  • If you do not know your password choose Reset Password
  • Fill in the password request form, using your registered email address; Loughborough University students and staff will be registered with their email, unless this has been previously changed
  • You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password; the link will be valid for 15 minutes from when the email is sent

Step 2 - Purchasing your membership

Open the Loughborough Sport app:

  • Click on the Join tile
  • Select step 3 to choose your level or upgrade your membership
  • Choose the membership option you wish to purchase and add to the basket
  • complete payment method and view the terms and conditions
  • Complete payment

If you do not have the Loughborough Sport app, you can purchase your membership online

Step 3 - Booking your session

Bookings must be made in advance of any gym or public swim session.

Open the Loughborough Sport app:

  • Select the Book tile
  • Select the tile appropriate for the session you want to attend e.g. the Holywell gym tile for a gym session
  • Select the time or session you want
  • Click Book

Please note, charges will be applied for no shows.

Payments will show for activities that are NOT included as part of your membership; these bookings are non-refundable.