World Class Coaching

Our experienced and passionate LUNTA Coaching Team are focused on developing performers, athletes and complete players that have the skills necessary to transition from junior to professional tour tennis

During their journey at the Academy, our coaching support, training and tournament scheduling is focused around building tolerance in being able to cope with the mental and physical demands of tournament tennis.  Players are challenged on-court in a positive and empathetic way to have intensity and determination to play each ball to the best of their ability and to solve problems without negativity

Henry Searle celebrating a Wimbledon win


We aim to develop top international competitors that have high focus, fight, courage and composure.


As world-class athletes and movers on all surfaces and conditions, our players will have endurance, intensity, power, agility and be efficient

Complete Players

Our Coaching Team will develop a competitive serve and return, skills and solutions to play an all-round game all whilst being comfortable with the ball in court

We have Expectations and Standards that we support and challenge our players on each day helps develop valuable skills that players will need on their journey as an international tennis player. We believe in developing:

Our coaching support to our players is led by our two experienced Head Coaches, Morgan Phillips (Boys) and Mark Taylor (Girls). Mark and Morgan lead a group of Academy Coaches and Training Partners in the delivery of a players’ Individual Development Plan (IDP). This plan directs the areas of development through regular performance objective setting between the player and coach. The player and coach will highlight the expertise and support required across the Academy to deliver on these objectives and our coaches also work with our players to set the tournament plan.

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