Hear about our players, parents & Alumni's experiences of LUNTA

"My son Henry was part of the first intake into LUNTA in 2019 when he was 13 years old. It has been a steep learning curve on both sides but overall his time with LUNTA has been a resounding success. For us, joining the Academy was a 'no brainer' and allowed Henry to take his tennis to the next level and still incorporate schooling as well.

Recently, I have been particularly impressed with how the Academy have tailored the support for Henry in light of his progress. Recognising that he needed something beyond the Academy’s usual offering, they quickly adapted and negotiated other training opportunities for him. The Academy offering is definitely not one size fits all, they have simply done whatever is right for my son rather than sticking rigidly to standard procedures.

The tennis results speak for themselves, but Henry has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Academy and the staff feel like family now! I have had peace of mind thoroughout his time with LUNTA knowing that he is happy, well cared for on and off the court and making great progress with his tennis."

Emma Searle

Parent of LUNTA Player Henry Searle