Loughborough are delighted to partner with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), in hosting one of only two National Academies in Great Britain as part of the new LTA performance strategy.

The Loughborough University National Tennis Academy delivers a pro-style, interdisciplinary training environment tailored specifically to prepare players for the demands of pro tennis.  The National Academy provides bespoke programmes for a maximum of 16 players between the ages of 14-18 years old (although some players may join from age 11 in exceptional circumstances). The National Academies are the first major transition point in the LTA player pathway, as a player moves from the National Performance Pathway to the Pro Tour Pathway. 

Download our Loughborough University National Tennis Academy Prospectus to find out more.

"At LUNTA, we strive for excellence in the pursuit of your journey to become an international tennis player. Our developmental philosophy is grounded in high performance as a Person, Performer and Player. Through our daily training environment and unrivalled international and domestic competition programme we aim to equip players with the tools to be able to take to the court believing they can handle any situation they may encounter. 

We believe our environment strongly supports your health, happiness and wellbeing, and truly puts you, as the Person, first. Through focus on both high-achieving academic study and value in personal development, we want to support your journey. 

We believe in developing highly focused tennis players, who have the heart to fight for every point through great movement, and who play smart and skilful tennis." 

Nick Cavaday

Academy Head Coach

"Loughborough University is a name synonymous with sport. We are proud of having an illustrious history and our contribution to the world of sport. There is a global recognition of our athletes, facilities, coaching and research which was highlighted in the recent award of ‘Best Sporting University in the World’ in the 2018 global QS Higher Education league table.

The announcement of the new National Tennis Academy is an exciting time for Loughborough. The Academy will have the athlete at its core; and a comprehensive sport science and medicine support service to aid the players in their development, and empower the athletes to grow and learn through those experiences. Our elite multi-sport environment brings world class athletes, coaches and practitioners to Loughborough University on a day-to-day basis. This provides an invaluable and unique opportunity for our athletes to rub shoulders with and learn from some of the best athletes in the world.

Our National Academy team is committed to delivering an innovative and world class pathway for future generations of male and female tennis players, looking to attract the very best future talent. Our culture of excellence, unique sporting ecosystem and outstanding sports science and medicine research, combine to make Loughborough an ideal host for a National Tennis Academy and we look forward to working in partnership with the LTA to achieve shared objectives and support our players into the next stage of the performance pathway.

We are confident as one of the leading UK Sport Elite Training Centres and an institution that has extensive experience of hosting elite athletes, that we can provide a unique opportunity for the National Academy athletes, their families and the staff; combining a world class player development programme with the highest quality of education, pastoral care and personal development."

John Steele 

Executive Director of Sport