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Policies and Procedures


The Programme

When does the Loughborough University National Tennis Academy open?
Loughborough University National Tennis Academy opened its doors in September 2019 for the start of the 2019/2020 academic year.

When will the National Academy run?
The National Academy will operate a full-time programme throughout the year, which includes 40 weeks of training weeks aligned with the school term.

What age group does the National Academy cater for?
National Academies are for players aged 14 to 18 (although some players may join from age 11 in exceptional circumstances).

How many people will train at the National Academy?
In year one of the programme there will be a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players at each of the National Academies.  From year two this will increase to 12 players and then 16 players in year three.

If a player is selected, what is their minimum commitment to the National Academy?
Players will be expected to commit fully to the on and off court training, competition schedule and education requirements for their age and stage (including attending the partner school – Loughborough Amherst School).

Will there be access players at the National Academy?
No.  Players who are selected and choose to attend the National Academy will be expected to commit to the volume and frequency of training required for the players age and stage.  This means players cannot attend on an access basis.  Players (of any age) may from time to time be invited to provide enhanced sparring or experience the programme, but this will be solely on an individual and needs basis.

What happens if I am not selected for the Pro Scholarship Programme (PSP) at the end of my time at Loughborough National Academy?
If you are not selected for the PSP at the end of your time at the National Academy then you may still be eligible to receive financial support through the LTA from the National Age Group Programme.   Any funding awarded through this programme will be to help you reach the PSP within the next 1-2 years.  

The transition out of the National Academy is of paramount importance to the Loughborough National Academy staff and as such we will work hard with the players and parents to provide excellent options post National Academy.  This will include a number of options/opportunities to stay at Loughborough and train as part of our pro player squad, or continue studies here at Loughborough gaining a world class degree whilst continuing your tennis development as part of our pro player squad and University performance programme.


How much will it cost?
£5,000 per player, per year and this will cover all costs associated with the Academy programme and up to 15 weeks of agreed competition.

What is included in the cost of attending a National Academy?
£5,000 per player, per year will cover all costs associated with the National Academy programme.

This incorporates a 40 week ‘base ‘programme which includes world-class coaching, sports science and medicine provision , education (at the partner school), accommodation, food (3 meals a day), transport (school - tennis centre and vice versa) and up to 15 weeks of competition /camps (domestic and international) run by our experienced National Academy team.

Can a player who receives funding on the National Age Group Programme (NAGP) also receive funding support if they attend a National Academy?
No. If a player attends a National Academy they will not be eligible for additional funding through a separate Player Pathway programme. However, at a Regional Player Development Centre (RPDC) a player can also be in receipt of a NAGP scholarship.

Accommodation and pastoral care

What is the housing provision?

Loughborough University National Tennis Academy has partnered with the excellent rated Loughborough Schools Foundation, who will deliver the National Academy education, pastoral and boarding provision.

Boarding, meals and pastoral care will be provided by Loughborough Schools Foundation as part of the partnership, with a newly renovated boarding facility  for our National Academy players. LSF are experienced in boarding, having boarders at Loughborough Grammar School for many years and achieving an excellent rating in the last Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection report.

Is accommodation included in the cost of the National Academy programme?
Yes, accommodation for the 40 week programme per year is included in the £5,000 annual cost for Academy players. A minimum of 36 of these weeks will be at Loughborough aligned with the academic terms, with the additional 4 weeks consisting of training camps either at Loughborough or at an alternative venue.

Do the players have to board if they live locally or have their own pastoral support available?
If players live locally then they do not have to board.  However, they must fulfil all the on and off court requirements of the National Academy programme (including all tennis, sports science/sports medicine, education and personal development sessions).  If they are unable to do so by living at home then they will be expected to board.

Is it weekly or termly boarding? How often will I get to see my child? 

The Loughborough University National Tennis Academy (LUNTA) programme will run a ‘base programme’ for 40 weeks a year.  A minimum of 36 of these weeks will take place at Loughborough aligned with the academic term.  During these term time weeks, the National Academy tennis programme will run from Monday morning – Saturday lunch.  

However the boarding and pastoral care will cater for players 7 days a week during term time.  This provides the flexibility if players live locally to get picked up at lunch time on Saturday and return Sunday evening or Monday morning (ensuring in time for the first scheduled session/lesson of that day).  Those that do not live locally, will be able to stay throughout the weekend.  The National Academy Performance Lifestyle and Education Manager and LSF Houseparents will work closely to plan and deliver activities during the weekends to ensure the athletes get the necessary rest/recovery, but importantly that activities are planned around areas of interest/hobbies for the athletes to ensure their holistic development and wellbeing is catered for. 

LUNTA will work closely with the School and the parents of our NA athletes to provide a balanced schedule for each player, which includes opportunities to spend time at home and with their families/friends.



If I am selected for the programme, where would I study?
Providing education is an integral part of the National Academy programme to ensure the development of the person as well as the player and to provide options post 16 and 18. 

All Loughborough University National Tennis Academy players will study at Amherst School ( ) which is part of the Loughborough Schools Foundation.  It is also at this location that the players will board in the bespoke boarding facilities for our National Academy players.

How far is the school from the University campus/tennis centre?
Amherst School is closely located to the University campus being 1.5 miles away.  Travel duration is approximately 5 minutes by car (tennis centre - school and vice versa).

What are the educational commitments in order to attend a National Academy (e.g. minimum number of GCSE’s and/or A levels to be undertaken)?
All players under 16 are required (as a condition of their place) to study for a minimum of six GCSEs, including maths, English literature and language, two sciences and one of history or geography (to ensure they achieve the minimum requirements to have the option to go to a US college or a British University). Post 16, it is up to the player, their parents and the school to determine the right number of A levels for the player to study.  The players will be required to study for a minimum of one A Level.

Will there be entrance exams into the schools linked to National Academies?
There will be an entrance exam for the school. However, this is not an exam for acceptance into the school; instead it is an entrance exam to determine the current academic level of the National Academy player. All selected players are guaranteed a place at the partner school.

If selected, does a player need to attend Loughborough Amherst School?
Yes, it is a condition of acceptance that Loughborough National Academy players attend Amherst School and complete a minimum of 6 GCSE’s or a minimum of 1 A level (post 16).


My child is bright and I’d like them to do more than 6 GSCE’s, is this possible?

In this instance a conversation with the National Academy would be required at the point of application. Where possible the National Academies would work with the partner school to provide an academic solution suitable for each athlete, including the potential to undertake additional GCSE’s.  This would be at the discretion of the National Academy and partner school with decisions based on the numerous factors including the ability to fully commit to the tennis and academic programme, mental health and athlete wellbeing. 

Player selection

What age group does the National Academy cater for?

National Academies are for players aged 14 to 18 (although some players may join from age 11 in exceptional circumstances). 

Who are the National Academies for?

Selection for National Academies is exclusive and players selected to attend will be considered amongst the best in the world for their age and stage.

What are the selection criteria?

The Player Selection Policy (including selection criteria) is published on the LTA website.

If I am chosen to join a National Academy, is there a chance I could be deselected?

All players selected will have the commitment of a place until they complete either their GCSE’s or A levels (if selected to start at the National Academy for year 12). The only reason a player would be deselected before this time would be due to a serious behavioural breach of the National Academy code of conduct. Players may or may not be offered a place at the National Academy post 16. This will be at the discretion of the National Academy Head Coach based on progression and the likelihood of a player meeting the selection criteria for the Pro Scholarship Programme within the next 1-2 years.