Extensive Domestic and International Tournament Programme

Well-planned exposure to domestic and international tournaments are an essential part of a player’s programme here at LUNTA.

Each player will have their own individualised annual tournament plan which will be specific for their developmental needs. These trips will be mixed in with a number of training week blocks to enable the appropriate balance between coaching during training, physical development and competition.

Competed in 27 countries

28 singles & 40 doubles ITF Titles

Over 1700 tournament matches

*Figures above are accurate as of March 2024

Home Tournaments

Loughborough University Tennis Centre is a tournament host venue. We host a minimum of five junior ITF tournaments in a year where players can compete internationally on their own courts. The University also hosts a number of domestic and international tournaments each year that are often reflected in player’s tournament plans.

Culture & Education on the road

Our LUNTA trips to tournaments and training venues are also a great opportunity to expose our players to local cultures, cuisines, languages and environments. Focus is also placed on academics whilst travelling, with tutoring and online support from the staff at Loughborough Amherst School available.