Thea Demetriou

Senior Deputy Headteacher, Loughborough Amherst School

As Senior Deputy Headteacher for Amherst School, Thea plays a significant role in the journey of the LUNTA programme. Thea has many roles in supporting the players, leading the academic, boarding, and pastoral care provision from an Amherst School perspective, and ensuring appropriate safeguarding practices. Thea plays the connection between Amherst School and LUNTA, regularly holding meetings, providing updates and monitoring the progress of players academic status and wellbeing. Thea is currently covering Grace maternity leave. 

Thea’s has assumed the role of Acting Senior Deputy Head at Amherst School from September 2023, following my successful tenure as Acting Senior Deputy Head in April 2021. Thea’s previous role at Amherst was Deputy Head Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead with the additional responsibility of Head of Sixth Form. Her educational background includes training as a Business and Economics teacher at the Institute of Education in London. Prior to embarking in a teaching career, Thea held the position of Sponsored Marketing Executive within the Aerospace industry. Throughout her professional journey, Thea has had the privilege of contributing to the success of various outstanding educational institutions, including Ashby Grammar School, a 14-19 School; Wyggeston Queen Elizabeth I College, a 16-18 College; and Beauchamp School, an 11-18 school.