Mark Taylor

Girls Head Coach

Mark has been coaching at international level for over 30 years. He worked as a National Coach in Australia and the UK, Head Coach of the LTA HPC at Bisham Abbey, Head Coach at Nottingham Performance Academy and Senior Coach at JTC Academy. During this time he has coached and overseen the programmes of multiple male and female players that have gone on to have success and junior and senior international level. He is passionate about tennis with strong history of working with multi-disciplinary teams to achieve excellent results. Some of the players he has worked with over the last twenty years are Dan Evans, Dan Smethurst, Freya Christie, Katie Boulter, Alastair Gray and Ryan Peniston. 

Mark’s role at the Academy is to oversee the development of the LUNTA female players throughout their Academy journey. Mark and Morgan lead the coaching team to deliver world-class coaching support to our players both at base in Loughborough and at tournaments. Mark will lead the delivery of players’ Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and train and travel alongside the girls where possible. Alongside Morgan, Mark leads the Coaching Philosophy and Tennis Programme at the Academy and is an integral part of the Academy’s leadership team. Mark joined the Academy in June 2023.