Pool Updates 2023/24

A new year begins! We are excited to have you back training with us.


  • We are continuing to offer public lane swims which, although will have increased capacities, will still require booking; this is to ensure a smooth flow of users into and out of the pool and an even spread across lanes.
  • All sessions must be pre-booked either using the Loughborough Sport app or over the telephone. Sessions are available to book upto 14 days in advance for all Loughborough Sport members. 
  • There will no longer be changeover periods between sessions, however, users must not overstay into sessions which they've not booked into.


  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your booked session.


  • Lanes will be divided to Slow, Medium, and Fast. Please ensure you book the lane most appropriate for your abilities. 


Predominantly Breaststroke taking 45+ seconds per length


Swimming a variety of strokes taking 30-45 seconds per length


Swimming Front crawl averaging under 30 seconds per length

  • Lane direction and speed will be indicated on the lane signs at the end of each lane.
  • Lane flow - you may be asked by the Lifeguard to change lane when swimming, this is to assist in the flow of swimmers to ensure everyone enjoys their swim.
  • Overtaking - to allow someone to overtake you, stop at the end of a lane and face away from them whilst they pass.
  • Resting - to rest ensure you always move to one side of the lane; for long periods of rest please climb out of the pool.      

If you need any help or have a question, please ask the Lifeguard.

Purchasing your membership:

We strongly encourage everyone to purchase their membership online or on the Loughborough Sport App. If you are yet to download the app, please do, as all activities, including gym and pool sessions, are only bookable through the app.

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Loughborough Sport app

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