Coaching and Volunteering

Our Coach and Volunteer Academy (CVA) provides our students, staff and local community members with valuable sport based coaching, volunteering and leadership opportunities to enhance their experience and personal development.


We offer a range of opportunities for both students and community members to get involved in a number of different strands, all designed to develop and enhance both employability and softer skills needed for a successful career in the sports industry and beyond.

Other Voluntary Opportunities

Not all voluntary roles at Loughborough University fit within one of our strands. Loughborough Sport has a vast workforce of students who operate in a wide variety of roles, all of whom can engage with and be supported by the CVA.

If you are currently in a voluntary role at Loughborough, check out our ‘Support & Development’ page to see what is available to you. It doesn’t matter what your role is, a large proportion of these opportunities are available to our whole workforce.

Loughborough University Rugby Team

Sports Committee Positions

Loughborough Sport prides itself on being student run and student led; therefore all our internal programmes are supported by a number of student committees. We provide support for all these volunteers in order to give them the skills needed to lead on these programmes.