Performance Badminton

The Loughborough Performance Programme offers unrivalled support for our athletes and the flexibility required to excel in both badminton and academia

Elite Squad

As a member of the Elite Squad you will receive an individualised training programme to meet your development needs along with many other benefits including:

Fee Teng Liew and text: “Loughborough really stood out to me as they have incredible sporting facilities and an extensive team of support services to help athletes excel in both academics and badminton” Fee Teng Liew (2020 National Champion)
Up to 18 hours/week on court training
Individualised annual planning, goal setting and review meetings
Full screening process to inform your conditioning programme
Strength & Conditioning sessions and programming
Physiotherapy and Massage
Performance Nutrition support
Performance Lifestyle support
Video and Performance Analysis
Access to Elite Athlete Accommodation Block
Discounted Gym Membership
Free Loughborough Performance Kit


The Aspire programme provides additional training and support to players that have aspirations to reach elite level in the future. There are strong links between the Aspire group and the elite squad allowing the opportunity for progression. Aspire players have access to the following:

Stephen Jong
Up to 18 hours/week on court training
Review Meetings
Strength & Conditioning support
Access to group Nutrition workshops
Access to Performance Lifestyle workshops


Exceptional performance badminton athletes are eligible to apply for scholarships ranging from £500 up to £5000 to further support their ambitions to achieve in the sport. Please visit our Scholarships Webpage for more information

Badminton England & Badminton Europe Logos

Badminton Europe Certified Training Centre

We are proud to be recognised as a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre (CTC). This status recognises the strength of the programme, including current international athletes and the high level of coaching and support services available to athletes. For more information about CTCs please visit the Badminton Europe Website

Prospective students

If you currently have ambitions to train in our elite squad or for more information about our badminton programme please contact Badminton Programme Coordinator Molly Chapman via email

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