Pitchside Rehab

We now offer a Pitchside Rehab service to clients who are currently being treated by one of our clinicians. The service is provided by the Clinic and delivered by our physiotherapists, Clare and Ryan.

What to expect

Currently the sessions will involve running drills (straight line or multi-directional/lateral) and can focus on the following sports (with more to be added as the service evolves): 





What to bring

A change of clothes: preferably a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes or trainers

Our Costs & Services

Up To 1 Hour Session 





£ 53.00 

£ 59.00 

£ 65.00 

NB: 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy applies to all appointments

Please note that you must have had an initial physio assessment before you can access this service.

The sessions are group sessions lasting up to 1 hour, they usually take place on the Rubber Crumb (PEC) Pitch next to the Physiotherapy Clinic, or on the 1st XV Rugby Pitch.

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