TASS at Loughborough University

TASS is an athlete support programme to help talented athletes with balancing the demands of their sport and studies to be the best in both.

Backed by Sport England, the TASS partnership brings together student athletes, education institutions and sports to support our country’s most exciting young talents.

Each year, hundreds of student athletes benefit from a programme of support services delivered by experienced practitioners at education institutions across England. 

TASS is dedicated to developing its network of performance sport experts and continues to lead the way in providing lifestyle and wellbeing support for athletes in education. 


Loughborough University is proud to be a TASS Delivery Site. The support services available to the 48 TASS athletes at Loughborough in 2020/21 include: 

  • Lifestyle

  • Physiotherapy

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Personal development (nutrition, psychology, further lifestyle)

  • TASS Medical Scheme & Care First mental health support

 For more information on TASS or to find out how to access support, please visit the TASS website www.tass.gov.uk or contact info@tass.gov.uk.