​Performance analysis

Performance analysis is the capture, analysis and review of video and data with the aim to improve the overall technical and tactical performance of both team and individuals.

Performance analysis at Loughborough

Our team works closely with our coaches and athletes in the provision of performance analysis support. This includes the collection and analysis of video and data to inform the review and preview process carried out by our coaches/players. This is supported further by the production of statistical material and provision of longitudinal analysis across the season to provide a measurable to our performance. The analysis team also plays a large part in the way data is visualised. Assisting the coaching team in delivering presentations, playbook and other material in a visually compelling way.

Performance analysis sits as part of the multi-disciplinary team contributing how we enhance performance and ultimately help athletes reach their goals. Through this approach, analysis interacts and works with other disciplines e.g. S&C and medical identifying injuries through footage and the interaction of physical and tactical/technical data.

We are supported by a partnership with HUDL meaning our coaches, athletes and analysts have access to high end industry standard platforms and software as well as a wide range of professional hardware and capture equipment. Our performance analysis team has extensive experience in industry working with teams such as England Netball, Wales FA and Leicester Tigers.

Our performance analysis team

profile photo of Andy Rhys Jones

Andy Rhys Jones

Performance Analysis Lead

Andy has a BSc in Sport Management from Loughborough University and has a large experience in performance analysis most recently working with Leicester Tigers. His role sees him manage the delivery of analysis to our performance sport teams through the recruitment and training of volunteers/placements, leading the mentorship programme and the overall strategy for the performance analysis provision. Andy works closely with NGBs and external partners to aid the development of the discipline and to further enhance professional pathways for our student/placement analysts. 

Jason Cook

Performance Analysis Training and Mentorship

Jason has a wealth of experience working for both Shrewsbury Town and the Welsh FA as a performance analyst. He assists in both the training and mentorship of our placement students alongside his role as lead of the elite foundation course for the university. Jason has been pivotal in moving Loughborough’s analysis provision forward and now assists in training placements in professional analysis practice. He also helps to mentor students in their individual sports through his extensive experience of work across professional sport. Jason sits on the performance analysis strategy team at Loughborough.

Danny Crowther

Hockey Analysis Lead

Alongside his role as Hockey Coordinator, Danny leads performance analysis for both the men’s and women’s hockey teams. Danny is responsible for the mentorship of placement students that sit within hockey, alongside the provision of performance analysis support of filming, coding and statistical analysis that is provided to both the men’s and women’s club. Away from Loughborough, Danny provides analysis and coaching expertise to England Hockey's junior international squads. Danny also sits on the performance analysis strategy team for Loughborough Sport.

Andrew Butterworth

Netball Analysis Lead

Andrew has extensive experience from his time working at England Netball leading their performance analysis programme. Andrew is responsible for the mentorship of placement students that sit within netball alongside the provision of performance analysis support through filming, live coding and analysis of footage and the design of the feedback process to both the coaches and players. Andrew has revolutionized netball analysis at Loughborough and is now looking to innovative ways to provide court side feedback during games and training. He also sits on the performance analysis strategy team for Loughborough Sport.

Placement Students

Every year we take on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students to assist in the delivery of performance analysis across Loughborough Sport. Five of these are on a full-time basis as part of their third year placement. We are also supported by numerous students who volunteer alongside completing courses with the university. This allows students to gain hands-on experience using industry standard software and equipment, as well as access to training/masterclasses in the skills of an analysis. The placement students also gain first hand of experience of working with both performance coaches and players, giving them the option to move into a career in performance sport.

Don't Just hear it from us...

Here's what Squash Performance Analyst volunteer Connor Gannaway had to say about his experience so far:

"My experience has been very good. I have had hands on experience within a potential future career path and it has given me a taste of what the future might be. My experience has been very hands on, and I have been given a lot of scope to take the reins and make a difference within the team. I have had good fun in my role as I’ve travelled to away games with the squash team and I enjoy my day to day challenges that come with being a performance analysis volunteer."