Loughborough University brings world-first course for elite athlete wellbeing to Europe

loughborough's men's footballers in action.

The world’s first course for professionals who are responsible for the whole-person wellbeing of elite athletes has been launched in Europe.

  • The Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management course is changing how elite clubs   and franchises approach their athlete wellbeing strategies
  • It provides a complete strategic blueprint and a comprehensive wellbeing toolkit that elite sport organisations can immediately implement
  • This ground-breaking course has already attracted professionals from elite sport clubs including Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester City FC and Harlequins Rugby

The Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Qualification will be run by the Wellbeing Science Institute (WSI) from Loughborough University’s campuses to enhance the professional development offer in the UK as part of a new partnership with Loughborough Sport.

The course – developed by the Wellbeing Science Institute – will equip elite sport professionals with the knowledge and skills to be world-leading in their approach to elite athlete wellbeing. This will include everything from sleep, injury recovery, psychological wellbeing, positive mental health and spirituality to dual-career strategy, transitions, relocations and financial wellbeing.

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, the evidence-based course is the first stage of a new partnership with the Wellbeing Science Institute. WSI is the ground-breaking Australian institution that has set the global benchmark in holistic, developmental approaches to elite athlete wellbeing.

Jo Simpson, Commercial and Facilities Director, Loughborough Sport, said:

“Loughborough Sport is all about innovation and the holistic support we offer our outstanding athletes is at the heart of everything we do.

“By working with WSI to bring this course to Europe, we will develop that further and deepen our connections with top sporting organisations as we develop the next generation of leaders in elite athlete wellbeing.

“This will drive performance and shape the future of how sporting organisations support elite athletes with their wellbeing throughout the sporting world.”

The Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Course, which launched in Australia in 2017, was the first programme of its kind in the world. It is the only nationally accredited qualification for elite athlete wellbeing in Australia and has been endorsed by a number of professional sporting organisations including the National Rugby League, The Australian Cricketers Association, the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Rugby League Players Association.

It has already attracted high profile professionals from elite sports organisations including Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC, West Ham United FC, Harlequins Rugby, The Gaelic Players Association, and The League Managers Association.

The partnership brings together the expertise of the Wellbeing Science Institute with the established ecosystem of Loughborough Sport to shape the future of elite athlete wellbeing by furthering the UK offer for both athletes and professionals.

Steve Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at the WSI, added:

“The programme will provide a world-class professional development for practitioners looking to provide leadership and excellence in their work with elite athletes across the UK and Europe.

“Loughborough was a natural fit for the Wellbeing Science Institute and what it is working to achieve because of its world-leading reputation for sport.”

The course at Loughborough commences in March 2022 with four separate enrolment intakes. Elite sports professionals can learn more and apply now.