Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management

Loughborough Sport is delighted to announce that the Wellbeing Science Institute will run the world’s first Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Qualification from our campus.

Become an Elite Athlete Wellbeing Specialist

Turn your passion for elite sport and wellbeing into a rewarding career.  

Join high profile professionals from elite sports organisations from the UK and Europe in a mix of on campus delivery and virtual learning designed to offer flexibility, interaction and networking. 

You’ll be a part of an exclusive alumni that includes including Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC, West Ham United FC, Derby County FC, Harlequins Rugby, The Gaelic Players Association, and The League Managers Association. 

About the course

The Course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools that will make you a stand-out when working with elite athletes and sporting organisations. Moving beyond traditional player care models, this course focuses on wellbeing from a holistic, developmental, and positive perspective. It will enable you to confidently take action to help your athletes and staff people move towards their whole-person potential.

The course content is drawn from a range of disciplines including Health Sciences, Positive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Leadership, Career Development and Personal Coaching. A key part of the course is training in the use of the unique tools and processes developed specifically to assess, develop and monitor elite athlete wellbeing. You will learn how to develop customised wellbeing plans for elite athletes, coaches and officials that engage, motivate and lead to personal growth.

Completing this course provides sporting organisations with the confidence that you are equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and tools in elite athlete wellbeing.

The course also has a strong emphasis on your own wellbeing and will enable you to role model the very practices and behaviours that will lead to positive, elite athlete wellbeing outcomes.

The course is awarded by the Wellbeing Science Institute.  

Course content summary

The programme covers the following topics and is packed full of evidence, science and practical tools that can be applied to your elite sport context.  

  • Creating a strategic wellbeing blueprint for your organisation
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Psychological wellbeing
  • Positive mental health
  • Positive relationships
  • Cultural and spiritual wellbeing
  • Managing successful relocations
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Dual career approaches
  • Transition strategies for elite athletes and coaches
  • Solution-focused coaching skills
  • Creating customised wellbeing plans

An inspirational environment

The on-campus sessions will be delivered at our Loughborough campus.  Our campus is the hub for sport in the UK, with several sports governing bodies and performance centres on site.  We are home to the country’s largest concentration of world-class sports facilities and multiple World, Olympic and Paralympic champions call the campus their home. 

On campus accommodation is available and you will be able to find out more about our unique sporting ecosystem and world leading-performance support during your time with us.  

Who should attend?

The Program is specifically designed for individuals and groups who have responsibility for the wellbeing of elite/professional athletes, coaches and officials.

Because of its personal and organisational orientation, the program will have strong relevance for athlete wellbeing officers, professional development managers, coaches, athlete managers/agents, club and sport organisation representatives and officials.

Course dates

This is an immersive learning experience where you will learn by doing with other wellbeing professionals.  Discussion and analysis drives learning and project work is designed to solve real world problems together.  At the end of cohort 1, attendees will meet cohort 2 to further enhance networking and connectivity across the industry.

Cohort 1

Intake Dates Delivery mode
Seminar 1 11-13 May Loughborough University East Midlands campus
Seminar 2 21, 29 June, 8 July Virtual
Seminar 3 25-26 July Loughborough University East Midlands campus

Cohort 2

Intake Dates Delivery mode
Seminar 1 14-16 September Loughborough University East Midlands campus
Seminar 2 10, 17, 24 October Virtual
Seminar 3 21-22 November Loughborough University East Midlands campus


Course cost: £3,675.  This includes all materials, teaching and rights to use proprietary tools upon graduation.  

Entry requirements: Successful applicants must hold some post-high school qualifications in fitness, sport, counselling or psychology or a related discipline. You will need to have access to an elite sport organisation that you are able to work with (paid or unpaid) for the duration of the programme.