Hall Sport

Our one day dodgeball event is a great way for you to enjoy the competitive hall spirit and really get involved in hall life.

Hall sport (also known as IMS), is a free programme and a great way to enjoy sport, socialise with friends and get the most out of your hall experience.

Dodgeball - mixed


Start of Play

  • All players must be positioned behind their team’s back line at the start of each set. Players may touch the back line as this is not part of the court
  • A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 players per team are allowed to run for the balls. Any players who are not running must step onto the court at the start of the set before the first runner reaches the centre line or they will be called ‘out’
  • No deliberate physical contact between palyers is allowed
  • No dodgeball is ‘live’ and playable until the ball has passed behind the attack line

Getting Out

  • A player is out the moment that any part of their body, hair or clothing is hit by a live ball. This includes any ball rebounding off another player or ball, not just balls thrown by the opposition
  • Head shots are not allowed
  • A player is out if a live ball that they have thrown is caught by an opposition player
  • A player is out if they leave the court of play, unless retrieving a ball (where they must raise their hand to alert the referee)


  • During a successful catch the throwing player is out and the catching player also brings back into play one of their team’s out players. If there are no out players, no one is brought back into play.
  • Players must return to play in the order they were out
  • If a live ball is deflected by a person and caught be another, it is counted as catch and the thrower of said ball will be out


  • Players are not allowed to intentionally stall the game. When a team has possession of three or more balls, if the match official considers them to be stalling then they will have 5 seconds to release balls in their possession from the moment the match official has called on them to ‘play ball’.

Event Structure

  • Group stage: Each team will play against the other teams in its poo; they will finish from 1st to 4th.
  • Placing: each team will have a remaining 2 games once the pool games are complete to determine final placing
  • In each fixture, 3 segments must be played, with around 30 seconds between each segment

Get involved

To compete for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries. Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

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