Hall Sport (IMS)

Also called Intra-Mural sport (IMS), is a free programme open to every Loughborough University student. It’s a fantastic way to make friends and compete in a range of diverse and inclusive sports that will ensure you get the most out of your hall experience.

How it works

IMS is comprised of leagues and a series of One Day Events. Every week there are over 90 league fixtures and over the course of each year we host more than 20 One Day Events, ranging from Handball, Dodgeball, Boccia, and Rowing.

Each Hall of Residence will enter a team into every league and One Day Event across the year. Points are awarded based on the grading of the sport and the position the hall finishes, with the hall that has the most points at the end of the year is crowned the overall winner at the IMS presentation evening. 

Did you know? As a participant in IMS you are covered against a range of sporting injuries. If you’re unlucky enough to be injured playing sport, have a look at our Personal Accident policy with Endsleigh at the bottom of the page. 

Get involved

The programme is not just for first year students as any student can affiliate to a hall to participate in IMS. This year long battle between halls culminates with the IMS Awards where the University’s best kept secret, the winners of IMS, finally gets revealed.

Download the Playwaze App for your mobile phone to get up to date news, fixtures and results!

If you would like to play IMS you will need to affiliate to a hall, or if you're not in halls and would like to get involved, we can signpost you to a hall looking for participants.

We would like to thank the previous exec for all their hard work throughout the year and are excited to introduce the new IMS Exec at the start of the upcoming academic year!

IMS Chair

Conall Milligan

I ensure all sides of the programme are looked after, working alongside all strands of Loughborough Sport to provide the best University sporting experience possible!

IMS Vice Chair

Beth Ebbutt

I look after the scores, standings and docked points throughout the whole year. I am also here to fill in for or help out the other execs when needed.

IMS Female Leagues Coordinator

Alice Bedford

My responsibilities lie within the female leagues including communicating with the AU chairs and ensuring matches are officiated to provide the best IMS experience.

IMS Male Leagues Coordinator

Phil Rowicki

My role is to make sure all the male and mixed leagues go to plan, working with the different AU clubs, officials and facilities to ensure you have a great time!

IMS ODE Coordinator

Izzy Mardell

My role involves planning and running all the One Day Events (ODEs) for the year. I will be communicating with all the AU Clubs and other strands to help with running ODEs.

IMS Media Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Clodagh O'Dwyer

My roles is running the IMS social media account, as well as designing and creating the graphics for all the IMS channels. I also organise the photography and videography at all IMS events.