Hall sport (IMS)

Hall sport (also known as IMS), is a free programme and a great way to enjoy softball or rounders, socialise with friends and get the most out of your hall experience.

The programme is open to all Loughborough University students so whether you are currently living in halls or are affliated with one, you can get involved.

Rounders - women's league

Venue: Holywell Rugby pitches.

Time: Weekday evenings during the summer term (Between 4-9pm).

Points Grading: A

Participants: 9 people.

Rules - rounders

  • A Walkover will be scored as 10-0
  • Each team must provide an umpire to officiate and anyone not providing an umpire when required will be docked 2 points.


The game is played between 2 teams each consisting of 9 players – bowler, backstop, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th posts and 3 deep fielders.


a. An innings starts when the first ball has been bowled and ends after 20 legal deliveries have been bowled.

b. Each team must keep the same batting order throughout the innings.

c. A match consists of 2 innings.

d. Substitutions can only be made after an innings is over, the same team must be kept for both batting and fielding within the same innings

a. While waiting to bat all batters must keep well back from the batting square and 4th post

b. A batter shall have only one good ball bowled to him/her.

c. A batter must have both feet within the square until the ball has left the bowler’s hand, and must remain behind the front line until s/he has hit the ball or the ball has passed him/her.

d. A batter may take a no-ball if s/he wishes and score in the usual way; the ball is considered to have been taken once the batter has reached 1st post.

e. A batter cannot be caught out off a no-ball.

f. The batter must run to 1st post after having hit, attempted to hit or let pass the first good ball delivered by the bowler.

g. The last batter in has the option of 3 good balls but forfeits the right to any remaining balls if the ball is taken or if s/he is caught out. S/he can then be put out as normal or when the ball is bounced in the batting square before 4th post is


a. A member of the batting team waiting at a post may run on on a no-ball even if not taken by the batter.

b. A runner need not run after every ball unless the batter immediately behind him forces him to do so i.e. you can’t have 2 runners at the same post.


a. A batter must run around the OUTSIDE of the 1st post, 2nd post, 3rd post and 4th post carrying the bat.

b. A batter cannot overtake another batter running ahead (or the overtaker is declared out).

c. A batter waiting at a post must stay in contact with the post until the ball has left the bowler’s hand.

d. A batter cannot leave a post while the bowler is in possession of the ball in the bowler’s square.

e. A batter cannot remain at the same post as another batter. The batter in front must run on and risk being put out.

f. A batter cannot run beyond 1st post after a backward hit until the ball returns over the line to the forward area.

g. The batter must TOUCH 4th post with bat or hand.

h. A batter cannot return to a post once left (unless sent back by the umpire). S/he must run on and risk being put out.


a. A half-rounder may be awarded to the batting side if a fielder impedes a batter’s hitting action or his/her attempt to travel directly between 2 posts or to make contact with a post.

b. A half-rounder may be awarded to the fielding side if the batting queue, after being warned, obstructs backstop or 4th post.

c. If a batter impedes a fielder s/he shall be called out, or if s/he intentionally deflects the course of the ball.



a. 1 rounder only can be scored from any one hit. A player caught off a no-ball may score in the usual way.

b. 1 rounder is scored when the batter hits the ball in the forward area, runs round all posts and touches 4th post providing that:

i) s/he has not overtaken any other batter; or ii) the bowler has not delivered another ball.

HALF A ROUNDER can be scored if the batter runs round all the posts:

a. without hitting the ball; or

b. from 1st post, after a backward hit, once the ball has been returned to the forward area, but before another ball is bowled

c. Reaching 2nd or 3rd base without being stumped, caught or run out.

PENALTY HALF-ROUNDER is awarded to the batting team when:

a the bowler delivers 3 consecutive no-balls to the same batter; or

b the batter is obstructed by a fielder.


A batter is out when:

a. the ball is caught, unless a no-ball is called.

b. his/her foot goes over the front line of the batting square before the ball is hit or has passed him/her.

c. if s/he runs inside a post (unless obstructed by a fielder).

d. if a fielder touches the post immediately ahead with the ball while the batter is running to that post; or if a fielder touches the batter with the hand holding the ball while the batter is running round between the posts.

e. if s/he obstructs a fielder or intentionally deflects the course of the ball.

f. if s/he overtakes another batter.

g. if, after being warned, s/he leaves a post before the ball has left the bowler’s hand.

If there is no batter waiting to bat, all remaining batters running between posts can be put out simultaneously by the ball being thrown into the batting square before any of the batters has reached 4th post.


A no-ball is one that:

a. is not delivered underarm

b. is bowled when the bowler has not got both feet in the square when the ball is released.

c. is bowled to the non-hitting side of the batter or is bowled wide (i.e. out of the batter’s reach).

d. is bowled higher than the top of the head or lower than the knee when it reaches the batter.

e. is directed at the body of the batter

f. hits the ground on the way to the batter.

Get involved

To compete for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries.  Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.

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