Social Sport

The University's social sport programme offers free, competitive basketball that allows participants to play socially. You can represent your department, society and/or as a group of friends.

Our basketball social league offers you the opportunity to play regular competitive sport on your terms. Free to join, it is a great way of getting to know people, keeping fit and having a break from your academic studies.

Games will take place on the Ball Park courts next to the first XV Rugby pitch and one league will take place in New Victory Hall.


  • Tuesday 7-8pm
  • Thursday 8-9pm


A: General

  1. Games finish when 1 team reaches 21 points         
    1. No more than 20 minute games
    2. Points inside the arc are worth 1 point and points outside the arc are worth 2
    3. Please aim to be at the ballpark for at least 10 minutes before your game.
    4. Teams should aim to wear similar coloured kits.
    5. Games are between 2 teams of 3 players and up to 2 substitute per team.
      1. Teams can have a maximum of 5 players in each squad.
      2. Teams can only make substitutes when the ball is out of play.
      3. Free throws are worth 1 point.
        1. Shooting fouls outside the arc are worth 2 points
        2. There is no 3 second in the paint rule
        3. The games will be structured as a round robin competition
          1. Seeding’s for playoffs will be announced after all teams have played each other

B: Disciplinary

  1. Any acts of violence, verbal or physical aggression towards other players or coordinator and interferences with games or with game results will immediately lose their deposit
    1. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in the player being reported to the student sport office and appropriate disciplinary action being taken. 
    2. If a player commits 2 unsportsmanlike fouls, their team will automatically lose that weeks fixture
      1. If unsportsmanlike fouls are found to be consistent, the team will be penalised from their deposits and potentially removed from the league

C: Attendance

  1. If a team withdraws from a game then the opposing team will be awarded the win
  2. Teams must give notice of their withdrawal from the match. Notice must reach the coordinators
    1. Uninformed Walkovers: If teams do not inform the league coordinators of their non-attendance 2 hours prior to the game, they will lose your deposit.
    2. Uninformed walkovers: If teams do not inform the coordinators of their non-attendance on more than one occasion, they will be removed from the league immediately.

D: Other

  1. 1.     When the ball leaves the half-court, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team from whoever touched the ball last.
    1. a.     The possession of the ball after a dead-ball situation will start after a check-ball
    2. 2.     Should there be a jump-ball situation, the defending team will be awarded the possession
    3. 3.     If a team does not have a league fixture one week (through a team informing the league coordinators of their inability to play) then the coordinators will try to arrange a friendly fixture.
    4. 4.     Teams must win by at least 2 points
    5. 5.     The nature of 3x3 Basketball league means that should a team(s) drop in/out at different points in the semester, players should be aware that new teams could enter a league at any point.
    6. 6.     Games will be played at the ‘Ball Park’ near the Students Union
      1. a.     In case of the courts being wet, games could be rescheduled or relocated to indoor courts

E. Deposits:

 Deposits to be given back at the end of the semester unless:

            a). There is verbal abuse to players/referees

            b). Players have been reported for malicious foul play

            c). Teams do not give an uninformed Walkover

            d). Teams arrive persistently late

Get involved

Sign ups for Semester One 2020/21 will open at the beginning of Semester 1.

Please note:

  • Details of how to sign up will be released on the Social Sport Instagram and Social Sport Social Media
  • Information regarding sign ups will be circulated at the Sports Bazaar

Spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis and our Men’s Football league was extremely popular last year.

You will need to have downloaded the Lboro Comps app in order to play:

For more information please 

Sign up today