Experts in Sport: Sustainability and climate change

experts in sport

In the latest Experts in Sport podcast, guests Dr Maddy Orr and Dr Russell Seymour, provide an informative discussion on sport, climate change and sustainability.

During the episode, host Martin Foster (Applied Sport Management Lead) and the researchers, both of whom have vast scientific experience in environmental studies, explain how climate change can affect current sporting events.
Based on their experience in the field, they discuss how climate possible adaptations are provided and form a basis for further discussion on the main climatic detriments caused in sport. They also exemplify how collective and individual actions could improve sustainability in the sporting environment.
Later, the panel highlight the importance of awareness and education to enhance positive climatic attitudes in the sporting community.
Sustainability in sport is of high importance to both academic staff and students at Loughborough.
Recently, 12 students from eight different nationalities (UK, Jamaica, Indonesia, Greece, USA, Norway, India, and China) took part in the SportsPro Media hackathon, competing against other students from around the world.
The teams pitched their ideas for improving sustainability in sport using the triple bottom line method (People, Planet and Profit). For more details on this initiative, visit:
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