Experts in Sport: former chairman of IMG Media reveals his career secrets

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In the latest Loughborough University Experts in Sport podcast, Michel Masquelier explains his career path from intern to chairman of IMG Media – the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming.

Host Martin Foster (Applied Sport Management Lead) is joined by colleague Dr Peter Dickenson (Lecturer in Sport Management) to talk with Michel and delve into his fascinating career in the sport management and media industry.

Following more than three successful decades at the heart of a growing industry, Michel shares his advice for a successful career, and discusses the importance of showing an ‘X-Factor’ in job interviews to prospective employers.

The hosts also give reference to Michel’s new book – “This is not a dress rehearsal” –which touches upon career beginnings, successes, and failures, as well as having a ‘possibilist’ mentality.

Here, Michel provides reflective advice based on his own career and highlights the importance of passion and entrepreneurship, both of which enabled him to accomplish many achievements in a varied career.

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The Experts in Sport podcast is a regular series that brings together experts from across Loughborough University with external thought leaders to discuss the latest research and hot topics in sport and academia with new episodes launched regularly. 

For more information on IMG Media, visit its website HERE

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