Performance Lifestyle

Performance Lifestyle and Wellbeing is designed to support people to create the unique environment necessary for their success. The aim is to support, develop and empower people to consider the wider components of their life that influence performance.

What do we offer?:

Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing to maximise performance we can support individuals, teams, and groups through a range of workshops tailored to your specific needs with content, delivery time and frequency.


Workshop Description Duration
Introduction to Performance Lifestyle and Wellbeing 
This interactive session introduces wellbeing to understand what makes us flourish and why it is important for out mental health.  We do this by looking at how balanced we feel, what makes us stressed, how we can find more happiness in our lives and maximise how we spend our time.
60 - 90 minute sessions
Wellbeing series Taking a holistic development approach, each session will focus on a different element if wellbeing to understand what makes us flourish and why it is important for out mental health. 3-6 x 30-60 minute sessions
Effective Communication, Values & Leadership This session weaves leadership and communication theory through practical tasks to develop young leaders. 60 - 90 minute sessions
1:1 Personal development coaching & mentoring 1:1 individual support can be provided by one of our experienced and trained Performance Lifestyle Mentors / Advisors to develop lifestyle management skills to help balance sporting commitments with other areas of their life.   45 -60 minute sessions



‘We had an excellent performance lifestyle workshop where the instructors were highly engaging and tailored their approach perfectly for our students. As a result, the students gained a more profound insight into teamwork and the various skills required for effective collaboration. This experience definitely sparked introspective thoughts among the students, and conversations stemming from the workshop continued long after it concluded.’

Sherborne School (August 2023)

Our staff:

Simon Wombwell

Simon Wombwell

Education and Development Manager

Programme lead for Performance Lifestyle since 2013 Simon drives the development and delivery of the holistic support programme for performance level student athletes. Simon is a member of the TASS National Lifestyle Advisory group and actively involved in European and national level research. Alongside this role Simon also holds the honorary role of Warden at Falkner Eggington Hall which provides excellent insight into wider student society and a strong partnership with University central support services.

Previously Simon worked to facilitate high performance environments as an Events Manager working in partnership with the RFU, LTA, UKA and MCCU for 3 years alongside with coaching within Athletics to a senior international standard and mentored within the Loughborough Sport Performance Lifestyle programme. Simon studied at Loughborough graduating from the Geography with Sport and Leisure Management BSc in 2007 completed alongside the avid pursuit of 110mH – Athletics.

Laura Piekarski

Performance Lifestyle & Anti-doping Coordinator

Laura joins the team as the Performance Lifestyle and Wellbeing Co-ordinator following extensive sports management experience with national sporting organisations in Australia. This includes 12 years in high performance cricket managing international events, pathway tournaments and delivering programs enhancing the holistic development for participants.


This experience is underpinned by a passion for wellbeing and providing experiences and education that support the holistic development of athletes, officials, and staff. The aim is to provide an environment that enables you to thrive in all areas of your life and sets you up for success after your sporting career. 

We are further supported by a team of mentors that offer a wide range of experience and expertise in sport, mentoring and performance lifestyle that we can match with those looking for 1:1 support.

Contact person:

Laura Piekarski – Performance Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coordinator