Performance Nutrition

We work to support athletes using what they eat and drink to optimise their wellbeing, growth/development, adaptations to training and performance while minimising illness and injury.

What is performance nutrition?

Nutrition helps athletes/parents, coaches and practitioners understand how what we eat and drink supports their day-to-day wellbeing, training and performance. This could include advice on how to fuel differently for a range of training volumes and intensities, injury prevention or recovery from an injury, optimising immunity and recovering from illness, optimising body composition through lean or fat mass increases or decreases.

How we work

Knowing the “what”, “why”, “when” and “how much” of nutrition is vital and we work hard to educate athletes to develop their understanding and change habits. This knowledge and habit development is delivered in the form of formal workshops/lectures, 1-to-1’s as well as a range of other methods. Knowledge is only the start of the journey, we work with athletes to develop practical strategies, cooking skills, planning and organisation looking to change behaviour and make delivering results in life, training and performance a habit.

Our work extends beyond the athletes and incorporates work with coaches, practitioners, chefs, backroom staff and management to ensure the environment supports athletes to use nutrition to their advantage. This can come through working to optimise what is in and the layout of catering, changing or introducing signage/reminders, support planning and logistics for travel or games to name a few.

Experience of our team

Our team has a wealth of experience across Performance Nutrition working across development environments and Elite Sport from Olympic, World, European, Commonwealth and Professional sport. Alongside this work in the sporting environment with athletes, coaches and support staff, we have consulted on app development, menu/recipes creation and elite environments.

Alongside this each year our Performance Nutrition team offer mentoring and coaching to the next generation of practitioners and have seen our alumni go on to roles with various home country Institutes of Sport and professional sport including rugby, football, irish rules football, diving, and combat sports.

Each member of our team holds a minimum standard of qualification including:

  • SENr Practitioner or Graduate status.
  • MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition or equivalent.
  • ISAK level 1.
  • UKAD Introduction to Clean Sport.
  • Level 2 Food Safety.

Meet the team

Andy Shepherd - Performance Nutrition Lead

Andrew Shepherd

Andrew leads the Performance Nutrition team at Loughborough Sport, supporting the development and delivery across internal and external services. He leads on relationships with key partners both on and off campus. Leading the delivery for swimming and the Centre of Excellence for Boxing. Having previously held roles at Swim England, British Diving, England Athletics, Sheffield Hallam University, and worked extensively in boxing, triathlon, and athletics.


Max Haskell - Performance Nutritionist

Max Haskell

Max is a former student of both Swansea and Loughborough University completing a masters at the later in 2020-21. During this period he undertook an internship with Loughborough Sport gaining first-hand experience alongside his degree. Since then, Max has gone on to gain part-time roles with both Loughborough Sport and the UK Sports Institute where he supports England Netball. His current area of focus is understanding maturation and its potential effects in sport to better support youth athlete development.

Bethan Crouse - Performance Nutritionist

Headshot of Bethan Crouse

Bethan completed her MSc in Nutrition and Physiology for Sport and Exercise at Loughborough University in 2023 alongside a placement within the Performance Nutrition Team. Before joining the team at Loughborough, Bethan completed a BSc in Nutrition from Cardiff Metropolitan, obtaining Registered Associate Nutritionist status. Some of her areas of interest include energy expenditure variability within team sport athletes, nutrition and concussion and the effects of the menstrual cycle on exercise performance and subsequent nutrition considerations.

Alice Sutcliffe - Performance Nutritionist

Alice graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2022 with a Master’s degree, during which she gained valuable experience working closely with Swim England, Team Hallam Netball, and various other athletes through the Team Hallam Internship Programme. Since then, she has worked with several Huddersfield Giants teams and participated in research projects at Leeds Beckett University, focusing on performance testing and body composition in American Football. Alice's key areas of interest include recovery and specific injury nutrition strategies

Commercial Team

We have a wider team of casual staff who support our commercial service. 

Mentoring and Coaching Programme

This year, our Performance Nutrition team are offering the chance to learn from them, as they offer a new Mentoring and Coaching Programme.  

is an extension of the Loughborough Sport Part-Time Placement and Voluntary Internship programme and offers a chance to work with senior members of the Performances Nutrition team.  Find out more below.