Review Process

Once an athlete has been accepted into the LTPC, there will be a probation period of 3 months. During this period coaches and support staff will consider how an athlete is managing their training in Loughborough, and if the group fit is still right for both the individual athlete and the squad.

During their time at the LTPC, an athlete on the Olympic and Paralympic squad can expect at least two Athlete Development Meetings (ADMs) per year, where together with their coach and key support staff progress can be reviewed and performance plans put in place.

In exceptional cases (eg. long term injury or impairment related circumstances) athletes that have not formally met the criteria for a squad may be allowed to remain a member of the LTPC. Likewise, the LTPC maintains the right to remove an athlete from the centre at any point within the year, if an athlete is contributing negatively to the group environment.

Olympic Squad

nce an athlete joins the squad it is our intention that they will stay a member of the squad for the following 2 racing seasons, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Alongside regular ADM’s, athletes will have a full review meeting after 2 years in the programme. For more information about the Olympic Squad review process, please see our Olympic Programme Post Education and Senior Squad Requirements document.

Paralympic Squad

All athletes will have a full season review in September/October each year. Unless it is your first year on the Paralympic Talent Squad, each year your place within the squad will be discussed, to determine if it is still the appropriate fit. Athletes on the WCPP are able to access the LTPC for as long as they remain on the programme and athletes on the Paralympic Talent Squad will be able to access LTPC support for up to three three years (assuming they remain part of the Talent Squad for this duration). After three years it is expected that athletes will have met the criteria for a place on the WCPP, in order to maintain their place within the LTPC. The WCPP selection policy can be found online here.

Development Squad

Athlete reviews will take place at the end of each academic term to discuss progression and training. Access and support of the squad is met on individual needs and performance this will be discussed at the end of each race season.