Social Sport

Our Social Sport programme offers free, competitive sport that allows participants to play sport socially. You can represent your Department, Society and/or as a group of friends.

Free to join, it is a great way of getting to know people, keeping fit and having a break from your academic studies.

Games take place in the Netball Centre.


  • Sunday 7.00-7.35pm 
  • Sunday 7.35-8.10pm 
  • Sunday 8.10-8.45pm 
  • Sunday 8.45-9.20pm



  • Matches will consist of four 6 minute quarters with a 1-minute break in between each quarter.
  • Teams must be at the venue at least 15 minutes before their match time.
  • Matches can be played with a minimum of 5 players- but this does not force the other team to play with 5, it is your responsibility to bring a full team and not the oppositions responsibility to change the playing numbers down to 5.
  • Teams can play matches with a maximum squad of 12.
  • Court rules will follow the England netball rules. These can be found at the link; (
  • Mixed netball - A maximum of 2 males may be on court at the same time and they must not be in the same third at any time (e.g. you may play a goal shooter and a goal keeper but not a wing attack and a goal shooter). If a male is to play as a centre then there can only be one male on court at a time. 
  • Nails and jewellery will be inspected to ensure there is no risk of injury - please be aware. 


  • If a team withdraws from the upcoming match a walkover score of 10-0 will be awarded against the team that has not turned up.
  • Informed Walkover:If a team withdraws from the upcoming match, they must contact the team they are due to play at least 2 hours prior to the start of the match.
    • If this occurs 3 times the team will be removed from the league
    • Uniformed Walkover:If a team does not inform the league coordinators that they are unable to attend more than 2 hours prior to the start of the game, they will lose their deposit.
      • On the second occasion they will be removed from the league


  • If unacceptable court side behaviour occurs from teams or spectators, they will receive one warning. If the behaviour continues they will be sent away from the courts.
  • If unacceptable behaviour continues at more games, then there will be a penalty of points docked. (amount of points TBC).
  • Players who argue with umpires will receive one warning then will be sent off court if the behaviour continues.


  • Must not distract the participants in any way
  • Never ridicule a player during or after a match for making a mistake during matches.
  • Must show respect for all players and their opponents
    1. Action will be taken if this is not adhered to.

G. Deposits:

 Deposits to be given back at the end of the semester unless:

               a). There is verbal abuse to players/referees

               b). Players have been reported for malicious foul play

               c). Teams do not give an uninformed Walkover

               d). Teams arrive persistently late


Get involved

Sign ups for Semester One 2022/23 have now closed. Sign ups for Semester 2 will re-open at the beginning of Semester 2.

Please note:

  • Details of how to sign up will be released on the Social Sport Instagram @lborosocialspt and Social Sport Social Media
  • Information regarding sign ups will be circulated at the Sports Bazaar

Spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

You will need to have dowloaded the Playwaze app in order to play:

Playwaze on IOS (App Store) -  

Playwaze on Android (Google Play) -


For more information please email: 

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