Hall Sport

Hall Sport (also known as IMS), is a free programme and a great way to enjoy hockey, socialise with friends and get the most out of your hall experience.

The programme is open to all Loughborough University students so whether you are currently living in halls or are affiliated with one, you can get involved.

Anyone attending training sessions, or selected for an AU squad is not eligible to play IMS.

  • Points scale: A
  • Venue: Waterbase and EHB sandbased

Please note that IMS hockey is played to a 7-a-side, half pitch format. 

Hockey - men's and women's leagues


  1. All matches will be played under England Hockey rules.
  2. The competition will be run in a full league format (each hall will play each other once).
  3. Fixtures must be played on the date and at the time stated. In the event of games not being played due to the weather they will be rearranged at the discretion of the Competition staff.
  4. Playing time will be 15 minutes each way with an interval of 3 minutes.
  5. Each team will be responsible for drawing the goal-keeping equipment from the EHB stores.
  6. Goalkeepers MUST wear full head and face protection as laid down in the England Hockey rules for the match to take place.
  7. Umpires will be provided from the AU Hockey Clubs.
  8. In the event of a tie in the league placings, goal difference will be taken into account. A team gaining a walk-over will be deemed to have won 5-0. If necessary the result of the match between the tying halls will be used.

Get involved

To play hockey for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries. Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

Email us