Hall sport (IMS)

Hall sport (also known as IMS), is a free programme and a great way to enjoy sport, socialise with friends and get the most out of your hall experience.

The programme is open to all Loughborough University students so whether you are currently living in halls or are affliated with one, you can get involved.

Men's Futsal league

Mondays 6pm-9pm


Grade A sport


  1. Playing time will be 25 minutes in total. Teams will change ends at half time but the clock will not be stopped.
  2. Ineligibility will be as for Association Football and those in the AU futsal club
  3. Five players on court at any one time – rolling substitutions. 8 people per squad. Teams must bring a minimum of 4 players to fulfil the fixture. 
  4. If the ball goes off the edge of the pitch the ball is off the field of play and the ball is to be played in via kick-in, corner-kick or goal clearance dependant on which team
  5. All players can enter penalty-areas
  6. No head height restriction on ball
  7. Regulation Futsal ball: Size 4 with a low bounce (30% reduced)
  8. Only pass back to GK once in any possession, GK cannot pick ball up. GK can receive the ball as many times as he likes in the oppositions half
  9. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
  10. If a team fails to show for their fixture, the opposition will gain a walk over which will be a score of 9-0

Get involved

To play futsal for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries. Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

Email us