​Loughborough Lightning Cycling

Loughborough Lightning Cycling is the number one female cycling team in the East Midlands.

Loughborough Lightning Cycling is the women’s elite national road team of Loughborough University, competing at top UK domestic level in the in the national road, circuit and tour series in the 2021 season. Loughborough University has underpinned its commitment to women’s sport with the launch of a this new Lightning Cycling franchise in 2021.

Developed with investment from The Recruitment Group, the new team consists of six female athletes competing on the national stage. The franchise boasts an unrivalled backroom offer, with the team supported by University experts.

The interdisciplinary team includes support from experts in coaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition, performance lifestyle, physiology, physiotherapy, and performance analysis in bike fitting and training science.

The team also benefits from extensive cross-campus collaborative research and development, with the world-leading academic departments of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and engineering providing cutting edge sport science and aerodynamics support.

The team will perform in the National Road Series, National Circuit Series, the Tour Series, British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), and the recently announced ‘Loughborough Cycling Festival’, held on campus in May 2021.

The team will also showcase its talents throughout April and May in the ZRL e-racing events.


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