Loughborough Sport’s support network proves vital for athletes during lockdown

an image of atheletes training at home

Loughborough athletes get creative during the lockdown period.

Behind every great athlete is a strong support network, helping individuals and teams achieve their goals.

As the spotlight shines brightly on those continuing to train during the lockdown period, what role has Loughborough’s support network had to play in helping athletes stay focussed, fit, and motivated?

Sam MacGregor, Loughborough’s Sports Medical Clinical Lead, spoke as part of the University’s #TrainatHome series to explain how the physio team has continued to support its athletes:

“The biggest difference has been not seeing the athletes every day, which is weird as you spend time building a relationship to help make them better.

“At the moment we are talking to them on the phone, over Zoom, and over Skype, but we don’t have that face to face interaction. We’re sending them links, videos, and ideas for what we want them to do and all the athletes have been experimental, so it’s been good to see.

“I think for everybody at this time, when you’re stuck in your house, away from your teammates, it’s a battle. I know a lot of the basketball and football coaches are doing a lot of whole team things on Skype, setting them challenges and bringing people together at the same time.

“In the grand scheme of life, we’re seeing the bigger picture of Covid-19 and the impact it has had on society. A lot of our athletes are student-athletes, so it is a worrying time with exams and their results.

“Hopefully though, we can rally round everyone and help support them through it.”

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Photo: Ben Lumley photography.

World-renowned for its sporting dedication, teams from across the University have pulled together to help athletes throughout this period: from the athletics programme to strength and conditioningnutrition, physiology, and beyond.

Loughborough University’s #TrainatHome campaign looks at how its elite level athletes are adapting their training schedules during the coronavirus outbreak. With new content and interviews released every few days, athlete videos can be viewed in full by visiting HERE.