Women’s Football consultation held on campus

The Women’s Football consultation was held on campus

Staff and external stakeholders have gathered at Loughborough Stadium in a bid to shape the Women’s Football strategy at the University.

Following Issy Martin’s appointment as the new Head Coach, Loughborough football is in the process of delivering a vision that will drive the Women’s football programme forward.

The evening consisted of speeches from Issy, alongside Executive Director of Sport, John Steele, and Loughborough University’s Director of Football, Richard Allen. Attendees discussed several pre-set questions in groups on how the strategy could look before sharing their takeaway thoughts.

“When you have so much potential with a programme it’s really important to speak to as many people it may affect as possible,” said Issy.

“We knew it was equally vital to engage with individuals away from Loughborough as their input naturally comes from another perspective. It’s exciting to think we’re now that close to developing a strategy that will undoubtedly help us progress.”

Following the evening, Richard Allen added:

“We’ve shown our commitment to the Women’s game with Issy’s appointment and this is the point now where we can implement a strategy together, to provide a direction of travel for the Women’s programme.”