Experts in Sport: Examining corruption in sport - part two

In the latest ‘Experts in Sport’ podcast, Loughborough University academics take a closer look at the issue of corruption in sport.

Loughborough University’s ‘Experts in Sport’ podcast returns this week with the second part of the series looking at the issue of corruption in sport.

Dr Argyro Elisavet Manoli, of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, is once again joined by co-hosts Martin Foster (Applied Sport Management Lead) and producer Siddhanth D’Souza to discuss how governments and national governing bodies (NGBS) are responding to this problem.

In this episode, Dr Manoli also draws on her recent research, which investigated reported cases of corruption across 11 sample countries from 2010 to 2018. The findings recommended the following, which have since been implemented across several sports:

  • Information sharing and transparency in the manifestations of corruption
  • The introduction and following of a more systematic monitoring system of corruption that is to be shared among different bodies in each nation and internationally
  • An evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the existing responses to corruption in order to access what works and what does not, and therefore improve future actions to fight corruption
  • Sharing information on good practices that have proven effective, in order to replicate them among different sports and member states
  • Paying closer attention to less documented types of corruption

During the episode, it is also discussed how NGBS are now working both individually and in collaboration, with some organisations showing innovation in tackling the issue.   

“European Athletics has been doing a lot of work on educating other athletes and they're using their own professional athletes to do that. So, rather than a faceless mechanism, it’s the actual idols that are training future athletes saying, “don’t do that”. That has a different power than any other message or any other study,” explains Dr Manoli.

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