Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

The Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel is a unique specialist hotel environment, designed specifically to meet the needs of elite athletes and their support staff. Our pioneering new hotel provides 44 specialist bedrooms, including 20 altitude rooms and 8 fully DDA compliant accessible rooms.

As part of Loughborough University’s wider elite sports environment, this brand-new hotel is the perfect environment for team training camps for all athletes, both able-bodied and disability. The entire hotel is designed to be fully accessible with large doorways, moveable furniture, level wet rooms and special fire evacuation lifts. However, 8 of the rooms are fully DDA compliant with interconnecting rooms and fully adapted bathrooms.

The hotel has 44 bedrooms set as twin rooms as standard, with 20 special Altitude bedrooms which can take athletes from sea level to 5,000m (Everest base camp). The pioneering bedrooms allow athletes to “live high, train low”, without the expense of travelling overseas or using uncomfortable, unhygienic tents.

The centre-piece of the hotel is its nutrition offer. With its high-performance nutrition restaurant and café, great nutrition that supports athletes is at the core of the delivery. The menus have been designed in conjunction with the English Institute of Sport and give athletes the right choices to help their training goals.

There is also a dedicated rest and relaxation room, The Lounge, which is for athletes only. This is a coach-free space where athletes can rest and recuperate in comfort. It is a space designated for athletes to make the most of their downtime - to effectively relax in a space that you won't find in other hotels, whilst staying connected to the outside world.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance with the hotel are the bespoke packages that give guests the ability to tap in to the wider sports support facilities at the University. Whether it’s strength & conditioning, physiology or nutritional support, no other venue in the UK offers this outstanding combination of sports facilities that are tailored to your performance targets.

So, whether you’re an elite athlete, corporate business wanting to improve performance or a general fitness enthusiast, this amazing new hotel provides aspirational space for you to be the best you can be.