Hall sport

There is a great competitive spirit in our halls and we hold a one day handball event every year which you won't want to miss.

Points Scale ‘C’

AU Handball Club members are not eligible to take part and the maximum squad number is 10 (minimum of three girls).


  • Teams consist of 6 players (5 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • There must be 3 girls on court at all times
  • Can only hold the ball for 3 seconds
  • Can take a maximum of 3 steps when in possession of the ball
  • No dribbling allowed
  • An offensive foul will be awarded if an attacking player runs or jumps into a defensive player
  • A penalty will be given if it is deemed a clear goal scoring opportunity is unfairly prevented
  • During a penalty a player must plant one foot behind the line the referee advises which must not move until after the ball has been released, e.g. they may not jump or step into a shot
  • Players may not push, hold, trip or hit an opponent. A sin bin of 1 minute may be given if foul is deemed reckless, dangerous or prevents a clear goal scoring opportunity
  • A red card may be given and a player prevented from completing the rest of the game if a referee deems that they have been reckless or dangerous on multiple occasions. The player’s continuation in the entire tournament is down to the discretion of the IMS Exec on consolidation with the referee
  • A point is awarded when the ball crosses the goal line
  • A goal cannot be scored whilst the player is inside the area but may jump into the area and release the ball before they land
  • Defenders must not enter the area (goalkeepers aside)
  • If the ball touches a player below the knee a foul will be awarded to the opposing team
  • If the ball hits the Goalkeeper and travels off the backline, it is the goalkeepers throw

Get involved

To play handball for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries. Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

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