Loughborough Sport and Kitman Labs enter new partnership

an image of powerbase gym overlayed with graphs and data

Loughborough Sport has partnered with leading data and intelligence platform, Kitman Labs. 

The five-year working relationship will see Kitman Labs become Loughborough Sport’s principal performance data solution partner, allowing for critical insight into athlete performance and wellbeing that will foster improved and sustained performance. 

Loughborough will utilise both the performance optimisation and medicine solutions from Kitman Labs, with the aim of “combining medical and performance data across all sports in a single, integrated platform designed to drive collaboration”

The platform will be used across all 21 performance programmes at Loughborough, centralising data on a single database, allowing coaches and interdisciplinary staff to focus more time on getting the very best from their athletes.

Rich Ellis, Deputy Director of Sport (Head of Facilities and Commercial Relationships), said: “We are delighted to have entered a partnership with Kitman Labs. We are always looking to innovate practice, and doing so with sector-leading partners helps to ensure that our practitioners and athletes have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

“The diverse and hugely experienced team at Kitman Labs bring a wealth of knowledge that has made the onboarding and integration of the platform efficient and smooth.

“This partnership will see us continue to share learnings from our multisport environment that can further optimise the platform as we strive to continue to lead sport in the higher education sector.”

Olivia Murphy, Deputy Director of Sport (Performance Director), added: “We’re incredibly excited to bring Kitman Labs into Loughborough Sport’s enviable sporting ecosystem. We know that Kitman Labs will increase our ability to work in an interdisciplinary way with our high-performing cohort of coaches and practitioners to ultimately enhance the performance of our athletes.

“The partnership will no doubt increase our ability to work efficiently and effectively alongside our multiple existing partners including Catapult and Vald and we can’t wait to get started.”

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs said: "While there are many similarities between the needs of the collegiate sector and pro leagues, there are some defining fundamental differences. 

“From the sheer volume and diversity of sports to the number of stakeholders across Athletic Departments to the foundational mission of providing holistic student-athlete care, the need for a shared and fully integrated data and analytics infrastructure is paramount to achieving success - operationally and from a performance perspective.”