Loughborough Sport and Active Iron enter new partnership

the logos of loughborough sport and active iron against a backdrop of a gym

Loughborough Sport has partnered with innovative iron supplement experts, Active Iron.

The agreement will be for an initial 12 months, with the scope to extend beyond this period.

Upon the identification of an iron deficiency throughout screening processes, led by Loughborough Sport’s Andrew Shepherd and his team of Performance Nutritionists, Active Iron will be prescribed to athletes who will then benefit from the supplement.

Active Iron Advance contains a 25mg dose of iron, which is clinically proven to increase levels while helping them avoid common gastrointestinal side effects caused by many iron supplements.

Throughout the partnership, both parties will strive to pursue mutually beneficial opportunities for the promotion and development of products and the organisations themselves. This includes the potential for a match-funded PhD studentship to understand the benefits of iron supplements on athletes’ performance.

Andrew Shepherd, Performance Nutrition Lead, said: “Iron is essential for oxygen transport, energy production, and overall health, holding particular significance for athletes. We know female athletes have a higher demand for iron from their diet and are also more prone to low iron levels impacting health and performance significantly.

“The partnership between Loughborough University and Active Iron offers incredible support, ensuring that athletes have easy access to a high-quality Informed Sport tested products to maintain optimal iron levels, thereby supporting wellbeing, peak performance and swift recovery.”

Claire Lynch, Head of Marketing at Active Iron, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Loughborough Sport, an institution renowned for its commitment to excellence in athletic performance.

“As a women's health-focused brand, our collaboration is a testament to the importance of optimum nutrition in sport, and we are excited to support female athletes at Loughborough with our clinically proven iron supplements.

“Low iron levels can have a particular impact on women due to menstruation, making it even more crucial to address these needs. Our supplements, batch tested by Informed Sport, provide athletes with peace of mind, ensuring they receive safe and effective support to enhance their performance and overall health.”

Loughborough students and staff will also have the opportunity to purchase Active Iron products for a 20% discount throughout the partnership.

For more information on Active Iron, visit: https://www.activeiron.com/uk/