Experts in Sport: Training load monitoring in elite sport - limitations and lessons from medicine

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Among the plethora of sports technologies now available, how is athletes’ training and performance impacted and what effect does this have on sport as a whole?

The latest episode of the Experts in Sport podcast, hosted by Stuart McErlain-Naylor, features Professor Franco Impellizzeri from the University of Technology Sydney.

Franco is active within the Sports and Exercise Science & Medicine industry, with a background in sports coaching in clinical science and is currently working as a researcher.

Having collaborated with various academics throughout his career and undertaking research within private institutions, Franco gives his expert opinion on current issues within the sector. He discusses the implications around the commercialisation of using external measures of training load and the impact this has upon sports team composition and achieving optimal performance.

Franco speaks about how decisions within sports coaching may be informed by data: “Nowadays, we tend to use more external measures of training load because it’s easier and also because there is more commercial interest in that area”. He examines how companies market products to appeal to teams and researchers, alluding to the capitalisation of the industry.

During the episode, Stuart and Franco discuss the problems with these technologies, such as the over-exertion of athletes when attempting to achieve higher numerical statistics. It is considered how researchers must begin to collaborate across multiple disciplines and strengthen communication between sectors to reduce bias.

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