Lightning secure the win against a fierce Sirens side

Image by Morgan Harlow

The clash between Lightning and Sirens ended 61-45 with full-court action for the entire game and saw Lightning end the game with their ninth win whilst retaining their fourth-place spot in the table. Sirens remain seventh in the league after having failed to seal a win against Lightning, which would have been their first.

End of Q1: Loughborough Lightning 15 – 16 Strathclyde Sirens

From the blow of the whistle at the centre pass Sirens made their presence felt with a relentless controlled attack against Lightning which provided successful as they led early on.

The fluidity of the Sirens’ attack continued however impressive covering from Nat Panagarry along with interceptions from Fran Williams in defence created across-court build-up play for Lightning and provided confidence as the quarter progressed. 

Communication and quick successive passing were particularly noticeable from both teams throughout the first quarter with only one goal separating both teams into the second quarter.

Half-time: Loughborough Lightning 27 - 28 Strathclyde Sirens

A strong second quarter from both teams as play strengthened and took shape for the rest of the game. Hannah Joseph’s movement within the middle section of the court provided space for Lightning to be on the attack and brought precise shooting from Thacker.

The Lightning defence Alice Harvey and Williams halted the attacking chances from Sirens’ perseverance in attack and regained possession. With this Panagarry’s position out wide caused increased movement and space for calculated passing to lead to a succession of goals. 

Lightning took the lead for the first time since the centre pass with four minutes of the quarter as Sirens battled to earn every goal. 

End of Q3: Loughborough Lightning 46 – 38 Strathclyde Sirens

Lightning ended the third quarter with an eight-goal score difference due to Panagarry and William's intelligent passing and moving combinations to exploit space in the Sirens’ team. Cholhok’s reach and air presence helped to defeat the Siren’s defenders and increase Lightning’s confidence for the win.

Rhea Dixon entered the court during the third quarter, was smart in her play, and used a range of passing to quieten Sirens. Bounce passes were prevalent across the Lighting team as the Sirens marking stepped up to regain their dominant start to the game. 

Full-time: Loughborough Lightning 61 – 45 Strathclyde Sirens

Lightning’s court dominance became present in the game's final quarter as there was a sense of calm confidence in the attack with balls constantly being fed to Cholhok.

Sirens did not give up their hope of making up the goal difference whilst bringing on multiple substitutions to the game and they kept the pressure up as Lightning attacking players lunged forward.

Lightning managed to secure the win with a 19-goal difference over their opposition but the dedication and excitement from both teams’ play were to be commended.

Fran William was named as Gilbert Player of the Match for her constant battle in defence.

Jas Odeogberinn was awarded the Long Tall Sally Player of the Match and said: 

‘’I was proud of the girls for coming out hard’’ in the close play against Sirens to secure the win.

Head coach Vic Burgess also commented on the teams’ performance:

‘’Didn’t start how we wanted to start’’ and recognised how Lightning ‘’fought back in the third quarter’’ with ‘’100% effort from the whole squad’’.

Lightning’s next home match comes against Manchester Thunder on 29th April at 6 pm at the Sir David Wallace Arena.

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Starting VII:

GS: Mary Cholhok

GA: Emma Thacker

WA: Hannah Joseph

C: Nat Panagarry

WD: Jas Odeogberin

GD: Fran Williams

GK: Alice Harvey







GA OFF – Emma Thacker

GA ON – Rhea Dixon


GS OFF – Mary Cholhok

GS ON – Emma Thacker


C OFF – Nat Panagarry 

C ON – Hannah Williams


GK OFF – Alice Harvey

GK ON – Zan Vimbela


GD OFF – Fran Williams

GD ON – Jas Odeogbrien

WD ON – Lauren Nicholls