Lightning Strikes Thunder

Lightning v Thunder

Lightning beat thunder during their third game of the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy, giving them their first win of the season.

The Lightning women have a great result to celebrate as they picked up their first win in the 2021 Season Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy. Playing against North West Thunder, Lightning opted to bat first after captain, Kathryn Bryce won the tip-off toss.

It was a terrific bounce back from the first two games of the season as Sarah Bryce and Tammy Beaumont opened batting during the first innings.  The ladies gave Lightning fans a great watch with multiple 4 run hits each before Sarah Bryce was sadly caught for 24 by Hartley with a catch from Brown.

Taking her place, sister and captain Katherine Bryce started a strong partnership with Beaumont, again wooing spectators with four run hits. Beaumont, hit the half century mark whilst the strong partnership continued before being dismissed by a catch from Hartley by England player Ecclestone with 89. Some short plays from Abbey Freeborn (0) and Sonia Odedra (5), was not a problem for the Lightning girls as K Bryce surpassed the half century mark, helped by a 6 run hit during her partnership with Teresa Graves who also hit multiple 4 runs before dismissed by Thunder with 74 runs in her pocket.

 The final batting partnership for Lightning was strong as Lucy Higham (19) and Teresa Graves (31) gave Lightning fans a strong hope as the pair were triumphant, both hitting 4 runs and Graves also adding a 6 run hit to the scoreboard. The batting innings gave Lightning a competitive 259/5 in the bag.

 Although Thunder had a good start with Emma Lamb and Georgie Boyce opening their batting half, Lightning started the second innings with confidence as they gave a healthy performance in the first half, that Thunder could not edge. Gordon quickly got Georgie Boyce out at 13 and a quick wicket straight after, dismissing her replacement Eleanor Threlkeld for 0.

The lightning women showed just how good they are with wickets as Graves dismissed both Lamb and Cleary, Lucy Higham dismissed Ecclestone followed by another double wicket from Gordon, dismissing Cross and Marshall. 

 With four players left on Thunder’s side, it seemed promising for Lightning, but it was the dismissal of and Brown leaving just two players to reach the 260 runs set that cemented the outcome for the girls. The gap was just too wide for Thunder to ever close. With that said, a terrific flying catch by Lucy Higham off Sophie Munro gave Lightning the win, closing the game.

 Result: Thunder 125/all out, Lightning 259/5, winning by 134 runs.

Hoping this is the first win of many, Lightning will play Eastern Sunrisers behind closed doors in a home game on June 12th .