Loughborough psychologist publishes new book detailing stress, well-being, and performance in sport

Dr David Flecther's new book

Loughborough University performance psychologist, Dr David Fletcher, has co-edited a new book that examines stress, well-being, and performance in sport.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of stresses in sport and its wider implications on performance and well-being.

It also explores how athletes’ coaches', and support staffs' performance can be enhanced while simultaneously optimising their well-being in contemporary sport.

Divided into four sections following the stress process, Stress, Well-Being, and Performance in Sport covers key topics including:

  • Appraising and coping with stress in sport
  • Responses to and outcomes of stress in sport
  • Moderators of the stress process in sport
  • Stress management to promote thriving in sport

“There has been growing interest in the topic of stress and well-being in sport over recent years. Whether it be sport organisations seeking to meet their duty of care or coaches attempting to gain the competitive edge for their athletes, individuals operating throughout the sporting landscape are taking stress and well-being more seriously than ever before,” reflected Dr Fletcher.

“This book brings together the leading researchers in the world to provide the state-of-the-art developments in this area and the implications for policy and practice.  Traditionally, the credibility of support for stress and well-being issues in sport has been rather haphazard but this book provides a more robust evidence-base on which to meaningfully impact those operating in sport environments.”

Dr Fletcher’s work has already been well received with UK Coaching publishing a stress management guide based on his work in the area. The document can be viewed HERE