Loughborough continues to drive forward key message of clean sport

UKAD lecture

Loughborough Sport has continued its strong pledge to keep sport clean and safe for all by delivering educational workshops to 142 first-year performance sport athletes.

Delivered across several large lecture theatres on campus, 12 workshops were conducted over five days for Loughborough’s Performance Programme sports.

The team of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) trained Educators within Loughborough Sport are embedded within IDT (interdisciplinary team) sport support services. The workshops form the foundations of the clean sport education programme.

The next layer of the programme is an individualised approach to checking athletes’ essential knowledge on how to keep themselves and their sport clean led by the Performance Lifestyle team

Simon Wombwell, Education and Development Manager at Loughborough University, commented:

“We work tirelessly to educate athletes so they are empowered to make the right decisions and uphold clean sport values.

“The current cohort of student-athletes were engaged, dedicated and enthusiastic and now have the understanding of clean sport to take with them as they begin their sporting journey here at Loughborough.”

Loughborough University has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with UKAD and directly contracts no-notice testing across its varied performance programmes as an underpinning values commitment beyond education. 

For more information on UKAD, visit HERE.