Loughborough Badminton awarded Certificated Training Centre status

Loughborough Badminton is thrilled to announce that it has been named as a Certified Training Centre by Badminton Europe.

The accolade has been awarded after Loughborough met Badminton Europe’s criteria which includes evidence of a quality environment that enables athletes to have the best possible chance of reaching their potential internationally.

The team demonstrated the strength of the programme at Loughborough, including current international athletes and the high level of coaching and support services available to all on the performance programme.

The status provides Loughborough with a quality mark within European Badminton as it joins a network of 10 centres across Europe that collaborate along with the European Centre of Excellence in Holbæk, Denmark.

As part of this agreement, opportunities will be available for its players to access training at any of the centres and for players based elsewhere to train at Loughborough.

Dave Lindley, Head Coach, Loughborough Badminton, explained:

“We are delighted to have been recognised by Badminton Europe as a Certificated Training Centre (CTC). We’re looking forward to collaborating closely with Badminton Europe to not only strengthen the Loughborough Performance Programme but also to investigate potential avenues of research within badminton which could help to develop the sport throughout Europe.

“Loughborough is already the National Development Centre for Badminton England and we believe this new recognition shows the confidence in the quality of the environment here at Loughborough and our ability to support athletes in reaching their potential.”

For more information on badminton at Loughborough, please visit HERE.